Having Fun at Playground


Sorry for being MIA for past month or so. I am trying to come back and do some more blogging and make this whole thing work.

This whole week I'm on a short vacation. Yesterday like every other day I took Sophia to playground
Guys I'm telling you its really humid and hot in NYC. I just want to stay home where I hide next to A.C .
But anyways after 4pm it cooled off a bit and it got breezy, so we decided to go out.
Playground was really crowded , kids running around, spraying each other with water guns, water balloons , playing soccer, ridding scooters , bikes and well ... having fun.

My Sophia loves swings and slides. She tried to go on the slide but kids pour water over it to slide faster, so we choose swing... later she was ridding her scooter all around and waiting for sprinkles to go on again.
We spent more then 2h in park
 Here is some pictures I would like to share with you. The playground is only 2 blocks away form our apartment, how convenient huh ?
If you guys like this kind of post there will be more coming , leave me some comments below :)

xo Monica


  1. beautiful pictures<3
    Maybe want follow each other? if yes, just follow me and i follow you back :)

    1. sure! im going to follow u now! thanks


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