Empties May - July 2014


My very first post of empties ! yay for me ! haha , well i did have way more empty stuff but hubby throw the bag out .... so yeah ... here we go with all that was left :

  • Renewal (Rite Aid brand) Blackhead removing Cleanse - got it because of the price and i was in need of something to wash my face with. The ingredients are same as in Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser and the price difference was about $1.50... so yeah :) I did like it and i might get it again 

  • Garnier Fructis Leave in conditioner Sleek and Shine - life saver for my hair! I always always use it on my damp hair , the main reason I used it , because it helps de-tangle my hair! I have curly / wavy hair and its a challenge to brush them after washing. This baby helps a lot and it don't feel heavy on my hair. I have been using it non - stop for past 6 yrs I think! I cant imagine my life with out it!

  • Bath and Body Works Cranberry Twinkle Shower Gel -  shower gel form holiday collection form bath and body works. Love their shower gels , this one smells like cranberries and reminds me of a winter , but well I was using it in the spring tho. this Holidays I will be getting more

  •  Haiku Kyoto Flower Shower Gel form AVON - hmmm i thought i will like it but i didn't. I really do like the packaging and it did came in set with body talk, body lotion and perfume , but I do not like it! the smell is weird and it gives me headache , too strong and too musky. I wont be getting it anymore.   

  • Bath and Body works Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower gel -  this scent is my all time favorite. Love love love this one! love ho long its stays (the smell) on my body after showering!  This one for sure will be on my shopping  list next time I go to BBW.

  • EOS Shave Cream - I try to love it , but i cant. its a rich non foaming shave cream and its supposed to prevent form nicks and razor bumps, well i didn't .... the scent is very pleasant and i did like the scent only . i like foaming shave creams , so i wont be getting this again.

  • Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant / Deodorant - I love this! Its my 4 box already . and it helps me stay fresh during the day. on the box says that its s a 48h odor protection . well i used for 12 h or more and i bet it will last 48h. the only minus is the price and the amount of it in the tube. but i ill be repurchasing it again .

  • Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant / Deodorant -   don't even know why i bought it... i didn't not like it as much as i like the clinical strength ones. lets say the lasting power is about 4h.  

  • Johnson-Johnson REACH Mint Waxed Floss -  I love this floss , i think its my 10 container of it! the best floss out there! and  did try few , this one is my favorite. 

  • U by Kotex Pad and Tampons :) haha n know I think Im the only one who put the pad and tampons in empties hahah , i didn't see it anywhere else :) but yeah this are my favorite brand when it comes to tampons and pads ( I also like ALWAYS ).  I do love on how they all wrapped in all different colors , makes those days more fun :)

here are my all empties , like i said it was more .

xoxo Monica


  1. Replies
    1. ja tez :) a tu w usa bardzooo tanie sa :)

  2. wstyd się przyznać, ale nie znam ani jednego z tych produktów...

    1. zaden nie jest w pl dostepny? szkoda bo niektore sa bardzo fajne :)


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