New ELF 'Good Vs. Evil' Beauty Book


Elf finally released the new LE Beauty Book! The 'Good Vs. Evil' collection is coming to Walgreen's. I got mine kinda by accident. I went to look for new Milani Gel liners and Lippies and I saw a Sales Associate setting up the display for ELF's collection. So yes I got to grab one :) So far they only had available the Beauty Book and Brush set (which I didn't really care for), plus some nail decorating kits and a compact mirror (which I took home with me). I did ask the lady working there if she knows if the collection will include the same eye shadow sets and bronzer/blushes/highlighters, lashes and makeup bags as the previous ones, she said probably yes and told me to come tomorrow to check. 

Here is a closer look on the book and a display :)
Pictures are form my instagram ------> click

The Book Contains ($9.99) :

Side Mirror in a shape of Rose

 6 neutral eyeshadows 'Day Beauty' ( Sunlight, Innocent, Briar Rose, Sunbeam, Forest Beauty, Woodland)

6 darker shades 'Night Villain' ( Sorcery, Magic Spell, Evil Fairy, Hedge of Thorns, Green Flames, Black Magic)

2 Elf Lip Colors ( Red - True Loves Kiss, Pink - Betrayal )

1 Black eyeliner pencil in Wicked

Plus  I also got a compact double side mirror for/by CONAIR ($3.99)

Nail Art Kits 

I must say I am deeply in love with this one! The cover of the book is amazing! and I am so happy to have it in my collection! 

xoxo Monica


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