Winning Prize form Nicka K New York


As some of you who follows me on Instagram, knows I was one of the 8 winners in Nicka K New York #nickagenie contest. As a part of the prize I could spent $50 on their website.

I known Nicka K New York and Absolute New York ( sister brands) for a about 4-5 years. I came across them one day during my Christmas shopping. If you live and know NYC the best place for shopping is Broadway. Lots of wholesale stores offering; bags, perfumes, jewelry (silver and custom). And one time I saw a nice display with a lots of makeup and hair stuff. Yes that particular store carried a whole line of Nicka K product. All of it was new to me. I bought few things and following week I went back for more. that's my short story on how I came across them. I hope the store is STILL there hehe haven't been there in a while.

But anyways here is what I got ;

Oil Absorbing Sheets 

Absolute NY Primer

Nicka K New York Makeup Brushes :
Blending Brush
Eyeshadow Round Brush
Stippling Brush

EyeLight Crayon in Champagne ~ Great as a all over lid color or as an eyeshadow base.

Eye Shadow Base in NUDE

Nicka K New York Lip Liner in Mink ~ Its goes great with Rimmel Celestial Lip Lacquer 

Nicka K New York Eye Shadow Quad in Thema ~ Beautiful pink quad. I love the top two colors:)


  1. Pedzelki mi się strasznie podobają ;-)

  2. Nice items! I like those eyeshadow colours!

    xo T.

  3. Sporo tych rzeczy! Lecz faktycznie pędzle najbardziej przyciągają uwagę :)

  4. Great gift. The eyeshadows look really nice :-)

  5. Mi podoba się ta kredka miedziana :) Gratuluję wygranej

  6. ciekawe te kosmetyki, w Polsce takich nie ma :)

  7. That blotting tissue looks interesting! And I love that champagne color!

    Jen xx


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