Disney ELSA Collection By ELF Cosmetics

I am always excited to see new Elf's Disney Limited Edition makeup.
Right now Elsa is available in Walgreen's. I did post a before the display pictures if you want to see click here. I did not see a beauty book back then. 
On my last trip to Walgreen's a while back , finally I saw the beauty book :)
Unfortunately the display looked empty and I didn't take any pictures. 
There were two beauty books left, one was badly swathed and lip gloss was missing. The one I took had a that little strap that  holds the cover in place broken .. But that didn't stop me. Also I picked up an Icicle Face Palette and Icing Eyeshadow and Liner. 
I didn't see the small eyeshadow palette and lip glosses :( 
I really wanted the eyelashes as well but there were sold out. Now I am waiting for the collection to go online on drugstore or Walgreen's so I can get that little palette :)
The price range from $2.99 to $12.99 which is more expensive then the previous collections. I don't know why they raised up the price.

As you can see the packaging is breathtaking :)

Now lets see the beauty book up close .

 Snow AND  Ice Beauty book ~ The beauty book like others for the collection comes in cardboard packaging.
On the left side there is a mirror, that opens up and shows a tutorial on how to create Elsa inspired look :)
The right side contains eye shadows, highlight, two pencils, lip gloss and shadow brush.

The eyeshadow names are super adorable we have :
* Kristoff 
* Sven
* Anna
* Hans
* Olaf
* Arendelle
* Elsa
* Marshmallow

Highighter ~ Snow Queen

Glittery Black Pencil ~ Starry Night
Black Pencil ~ Frozen Heart

Pink Lip gloss ~ Royal Pursuit
 Beauty Book Price $12.99

The Icicle Face Palette ~ Includes blush, bronzer and highlight. The pigmentation is really good, sorry for lack of swatches ... promise I will post it soon :)  Price $6.99

Incing Eyeshadow and Liner in shade 'Let it Go' ~ cream shadow base I would say something like color tattoos from Maybelline. Its a champage-pink color , feel more on a pink side. I would use it as a shadow base , it far to light to be a liner. Price $4.99 

DID you pick this collection as well ? How you like it ?


  1. This looks really cool. They are so clever making Disney inspired makeup goodies.


  2. Uwielbiam tą serie... :) a raczej bajkę :)

  3. Uwielbiam tą serie... :) a raczej bajkę :)

  4. Wyglądają pięknie :D A paletka zawiera cudowne fiolety ;)

  5. Wyglądają bardzo atrakcyjnie, opakowanie przyciąga wzrok. Cienie mają ładne kolory - bardzo fajny zakup

  6. perfect! I want to find it online so bad!


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