Milani Vs Essie ~ DUPES

Milani ‘Peri-wink’ vs Essie ‘Bikini so Teeny’

I want to show you a great dupe swatch. As some of you know I am absolutely obsessed with Milani ‘Peri-wink’ nail polish. It was my birthday gift form my friend Ashley. She choose the color perfectly. I wore it many times and I adore it. It will be my to go summer nail polish.

Milani Peri-wink ~ It’s from Milani Color Statement line and as the name say it is a periwinkle blue with tiny shimmers. You can see it once the light hits the bottle. The cylinder shaped bottle makes it easy to handle.  The brush is nice and wide. I only need to 2 coats to get the opaque color on my nails.

Essie ‘Bikini so Teeny’ ~  first I saw the color in one of Belinda Selene’s video. And I have been on the hunt ever since. Not much luck though. One day my coworker had the gorgeous blue on her nails. And I, that time had my milani polish on. The colors were super similar. She told me that was Essie. I asked her to bring it next day so I can compare both milani and that mysterious Essie. To my surprise it was bikini so teeny.
Just as Milani this one is this gorgeous periwinkle blue with tiny silver shimmers and some purple undertones.

Essie  formula compared to Milni is different.
Milani is creamy and opaque after two coats. Essie is very sheer. I need it 3 coats to get nice and even color. Plus the Essie brush is way smaller then Milani’s.

I swatched both together on my nails. I mean can you see the difference? Not really right? But when you look closer, you can see Essie being a tiny bit lighter then Milani.
Hence the sheerer formula. Yes, it’s a really close dupe, right?
I apply over a base coat. Both lasted same amount of time.

If I had to choose between those two? I would go with Milani. The formula and brush is better. Even thought Essie is my number 1 nail polish brand.


  1. Jak dla mnie, formuła Essie jest the best, jedynym minusem jest zbyt szeroki pędzel, ale pewnie można się do niego przyzwyczaić...:)

    1. dla mnie tez Essie najlepszy, ale u was w europie maja szerokie piedzelki u nas Essie ma chudziutke

  2. Kolor wygląda identycznie! :)

  3. Ładne kolory ale chyba oba smużą ? Ta to wygląda na zdjęciach z bliska

    1. troche tak , ale zadnego top coat nie uzylam ..

  4. awesome blog pretty!!
    great job!
    do you want follow each other? for keep in touch :)
    let me know, I always follow back :)


  5. Kolory cudne :)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie, Mój blog/ KLIK :))

  6. Piękne są te błękity, też muszę sobie kupić taki kolor!


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