Cover Girl 'Red Revenge' Nail Polish

Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish ~ One of the prizes I won in Cover Girl Giveaway a while back.
'Red Revenge' its a stunning true red color. One of the most beautiful reds I ever worked with. 
The color is super opaque. Even one coat is enough!  I did apply two I always do that even if only one would work. 
The polish comes in bottle that reminds me of Chanel, Dior bottle even though I don't  any of it. The only think I dislike is the cap. It is hard to hold and paint the nails. The color it self like I said is very opaque. Its also glossy! like wow! and it stay glossy for a long time. Gloss/Shine wont wash away...  As for the lasting .... hmmm... not impressed. Maybe because I didn't use any base and top coast? I paint my nails on Sunday and Monday it start to chip... by Wednesday I had nothing left... 
Even though it didn't last long I will not give up on it. I will try it again soon :)
Obsessed with this read :) Just take a look at how intense it is :)


  1. Przepiekny kolorek :) uwielbiam czerwienie na paznokciach, chociaż dawniej za nimi nie przepadałam :)

    Kochana poklikasz w linki u mnie w najnowszym poście ?
    Bardzo mi zależy :* Z góry dziękuję !

  2. też niedawno kupiłam czerwony nail polish ale bardziej idzie w burgund :)

  3. Hi dear Monica! What a pretty sleek red here =)

  4. wow, super kolor! bardzo mi się podobały te buteleczki lakierów Covergirl :)

  5. Uwielbiam czerwone kolory a ten jest przecudowny ! I fajnie ze jedna warstwa wystarczy :)

  6. Here's a tip for everyone - if you really hate the cap (I do too!) then grab the black part with one hand and the bottle with the other. Give it a few good, hard pulls - and this might take some wiggling - but the top should pop off and you're left with a more traditional small, round black cap to work with.

    BEAUTIFUL shade, can't wait to try it!


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