Cozy Fall Essentials ~ Home

Fall is almost here. Did you know this is my favorite season? 
Love the cooler weather, leaves changing color and pumpkin everything. 
I been drinking pumpkin spice latte almost every day since September 1st. 
Oh I love PUMPKIN :) We cook and bake with pumpkin :)
And no its time to pull all my Fall decoration and fix up my apartment and make it all cozy for cooler days.
This is what makes my home and me cozy during colder months :) What makes you and your home cozy ? Let me know in comments :) 
And what  I have in mind? Check it out. Most my ideas come form amazing Pinterest.

Leaves and fall flowers - you can get them form dollar store ,Michael's, Target, etc. 
I use the long leaves and wrapped them around my bed. I change the flowers on my bedside table. I take out the ones I have in the summer and I put the new ones. Plus I add some fall decorations :)

Pumpkin Decorations ~ I think this a must :) I bet every one decorate their houses with pumpkins :) I have white pumpkin on my wishlist :) But cant find one I like :( Maybe a little  diy ???? Check Pinterest out. You can find great ideas on how to turn boring orange pumpkin into something more fun. Check my Fall Board for some inspirations. Below Images form my Pinterest Board. 

Lights ~ Christmas lights. I bought them a long time ago and I wrapped them around my headboard and I kept them ever since. In fall and winter they gave the cozy, comfy atmosphere .. almost a romantic one :) In fall I add some leaves and in winter ornaments :)

Candles ~ especially fall scented. Bath and Body works have a great selection and they are by far my favorite. Love to burn the candle and then grab a book and just drift away to fantasy land. Images form my pinterest board. 

Lavender Candle form Parachute ( on y wish list ) :)

 Blankets and Sheets ~ Well the weather is getting colder so you need a soft and cozy blanket am I right? Same goes for sheets and duvet covers. Just snuggle up and watch a favorite show or movie :)
Check this wonderful Linen Blend Duvet Set form Parachute Bedding. It is beyond gorgeous!

Cashmere Striped Throw 

 Socks ~  Fall is a time for those fluffy and comfy socks! so pull them out of you drawer or go and get some! I bought mines form Little Miss Mismatched. These actually are socks and slippers in one:) cute huh?

 PJ's ~ Time to pull out all of your flannel pj's out :) here are some ideas :)

Victoria Secret Dreamer Flannel PJ 

Victoria's Secret Dreamer Flannel PJ

VS Dreamer Henley PJ

Cooking ~ fall cooking is one of the best! Like I said I use a lot of pumpkin in my foods like my favorite 'Pumpkin Shrimp Curry'. My friend makes the best shrimp curry. Unfortunately I don't have any picture of our :( I will insert few great curry recipes I tried before and I add links to it so you can check and try it out yourself :)

Vegetarian Pumpkin Curry  ( I made mine over rice)

Shrimp Curry ( did similar to this before, Will be trying this one in next few weeks)

Baking ~ Anything form pumpkin to apples :) Pumpkin breads, pumpkin muffins, apple pies, even blueberry muffins :)

My Blueberry Muffins :) I swear they disappear within minutes:)

Macarons link. I need to try them next week!

Caramel Blondies , OMG I made them last year and they are amazing!

 PSL, Hot Cocoa  and Coffee ~ PSL is a MUST! love making hot cocoa with whipped cream and I always sprinkle it with cinnamon and nutmeg ~ yummy! Even my morning coffee is made with Pumpkin Creamer and you can get them at any Supermarket like Path Mark, Target, Wal Mart. Images form my Pinterets board.

Mugs ~ love my Fall inspired mugs:) Drinking my coffee, psl or tea makes it taste even better :)
Both I got form my local Marshall's. I will be going again next week to get more fall and Halloween decorations.
Charlie (Owl) and Ruby (Fox). That little pumpkin ball is a DIY made by my mom.

 Apple Cider Floats ~ I saw it a long time ago on YouTube . they are soooo easy and sooo yummy! You should try it! All you need is apple cider, vanilla ice cream and caramel ice cream topping.


  1. Gosh, everything's so pretty! Love the food shots, dear! xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness I love this post! I just had some coffee with pumpkin pie milk and it was delicious! I like the idea of the fall flowers in the pumpkin for a pretty! And thanks for reminding me that I have tons of candles ready to be lit!

    Jen xx

  3. Pumpkin <3 <3 love love love it sOOOOOOO much <3
    Great pics :)

  4. Fajne inspiracje! Daj znać, jak smakują te dyniowe makaroniki!


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