Amazing Cosmetics Anti Aging Primer ~ Review

Priming my face before applying any kind of makeup is a must. For a while now I been on a search for a perfect primer. Primer that will keep my makeup all day and skin moisturized. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so. For years I been using countless amount of primers and yet, there is many many more out there waiting for me.As a beauty blogger that's what I do. I try, review and compare to ones I tried already.
Today I have for you Amazing Cosmetics Anti Age Primer. 
I do have a high hope for this one. I love their concealer a lot! I am hoping the primer will be as effective as a concealer. Will it live up to its expectations ? We will see :)
The primer is locked in a white tube that stands on it "head" ( well I am sorry I don't know how else I can name that :) ). It's a silicon/gel based primer. Very light weight,non greasy. It feels like silk when I apply to my face. Reminds me so much of YSL Blur Perfector Primer. Also does a really good job at blurring out my pores. Yes! makes my skin refreshed and even , ready for my foundation. I did try it in different way and with different foundations. To see which way I like the most. Once I used over a moisturizer and with Rimmel Foundation. I didn't like it. I didn't know if that was the moisturizer or foundation that made my face so shiny! and my makeup was gone fast too :( . Second time I skipped the moisturizer. I primed my face with Amazing Cosmetics primer and then I apply Rimmel Foundation with a dump Beauty Blender. In the morning it looked flawless but later, around 3pm I could see the SHINE!Ughhh! I blot my face and then powder it up. Next day again I primed my face and this time I used my SmashBox BB Cream. And this time it worked beautiful!  Didn't see any shine or any lack of makeup on my face. It was flawless! So I am guessing that my new Rimmel Foundation is not for me :( I try the primer again over a Eveline CC cream and again worked really good. 
I also tried it as a eye makeup primer. Well while applying on my face, I add a bit more on my eye lids. After that I went with my NYX Jumbo Eye pencil and the with eye shadows over that. Again it preformed really good. Didn't notice much creasing or fading. 

I am very impressed with this primer. It definitely made my top 3 best primers. 
It blends very easy. Small amount goes a long way. Works great on my oily skin. Well more combo on an oily side. Definitely hydrates and moisturize. All thanks to Cassia Angustifolia Seed,a natural botanical high in content of polysaccharides that mimics the skin's hyaluronic acid to increase skin's moisture, repair and protect.It can sustain in skin for up to 24hours. 

Would I recommend the primer? Definitely Yes! It is one of the best primers I tried so far. If you need a lightweight, non greasy primer that holds you makeup all day, give this one a chance. Its a primer and moisturizer in one :) 
Hope you find this review helpful :) 

Before and After I used both Primer and Concealer form Amazing Cosmetics ;)


  1. Wow, ładnie to wygląda :) Rzadko używam baz na buzię, bo szkoda mi czasu na kolejną warstwę makijażu ;)

  2. You look gorgeous! I don't even use primer anymore. I don't think it works. lol. My skin is too oily for that no matter what so I don't even try it, it seems like I am wasting my money. : ( What are some other good ones you'd recommend from the drugstore? Maybe I am just not using the right ones.

    1. some I agree dont work. I love this one and the YSl one I got in influesnter box last month. To be honest the I dont know which drugstore is good. My friend have a master primer and she love it , I want to try Lumi by loreal :)

  3. Też lubię te bazy, miałam taki od YSL jest świetny a teraz jak oszczędzam to kupuję maseczkę Dermiki, która działa jak taka baza silikonowa :)


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