Mirabella Beauty Perfecting Concealers ~ Swatches and Review.

Hi Today I want to share with my new to go concealers. I think I'm changing to concealer junkie! I have so many now! And I don't think I try any that I didn't like, unless the color was wrong ... Yes it happen few times. But I still made it work.
 Mirabella Beauty is a mineral makeup line. All of their products are free of harmful ingredients. Their new Perfecting Concealers are mineral based long wearing and free of talc, parabens and gluten. Formula is creamy and very lightweight. When I applied they are sheer but yet build-able, you can basically layer them up to achieve full coverage. They come in 5 shades (light to dark ) and their retail at $28 each; 
 I ~ light 
 II ~ medium light
 III ~ medium 
 IV ~ medium dark
 V ~ dark

in the bright light (outside)

 As you can see by the color they can be great for highlight and counturing. Ok, I be honest I am not a pro when it comes to counturing. But then again its really easy with these concealers. The lightest shade is a perfect highlight! Its a lot more lighter then my skin tone. For under my eyes I mix number 'I' and 'II'. Then I highlight with number 'I' my cheekbones and bridge of my nose. For countour I use number 'III' and 'IV'. Number 'V' is way to dark and too orangy for me. Number 'IV' too but when I mix a bit with 'III' it is workable. To blend I use beauty blender or my fingers. Both ways work great for me. I did try brush but I was like ehhhh , I didn't like how it looked. 
Also the applicator is a padded brush. Something like with the lip glosses. 

 The cap is really pretty as well! Silver that when you move around it shines! Looks like a glass but its plastic. Anyways gorgeous addiction to your collection that could be. Over all i really been liking them, especially the lighter shades. Much easy for me to work with. The two darkest one are too orangy for my fair skin and I don't like the way it looks on me. 
I pretty sure girls with darker skin tone could work more with them then me. 
Company is worth checking out. As I wrote before their products are mineral based and judging form my use of concealers they are really good. By the way they could make a great Christmas gift for a friend or family member that likes makeup. Happy Shopping!

on the last pic you can see half of my face after I apply all the concealers. Sorry my camera is really nt good  :(


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