September Favorites 2015 ~ Face and Body Care.

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I thought I do a separate post on my body, face care favorites.
As you can see there are products I reviewed already or will be reviewing. 

Borika Body and Flora Body Care Scrubs ~ Both I reviewed already and both I loved as much. One is coffee and the other one is sugar scrub. Both do a great job of scrubbing my body and leaving it refreshed and soft :) Totally recommend to check both of them :)
my reviews are here----> BORIKA -  FLORA

Bath and Body Works Body Lotion in A thousand Wishes ~  If you k ow me you know my love for all the BBW products. Love their lotions and shower gels and candles and mist and soaps.. and anything else ! hahaha Too many 'ands' :) but seriously their lotions are amazing! This one I won in a giveaway and I opened it recently! Smells heavenly .. fruits and flowers :)  Keeps my skin hydrated and leaves it silky smooth. Love it!

Peter Lamas Pumpkin Scrub ~ I think the best scrub I used so far. I did a review a  while back. You can read it here. Its organic and natural , smells like a Fall :) I will definitely purchase a backup! 

Dermaesthetics Green Apple Cleansing Oil and PM Purity Gel ~   both products are amazing! The cleansing oil helps me get rid off all the makeup and super easy. Works really good especially on my eye makeup. Purity PM Gel I used on my acne. Like the pimple/zits that pops up out of nowhere! I just put a tiny bit of gel after washing my face and voila, next morning or its gone or its way smaller. Both are a life savers and I will be reviewing both very soon :)

Have a great week! 
Hugs ~ Monica 


  1. Zazdroszczę dostępu do produktów Bath and Body Works ;)

  2. Bardzo jestem ciekawa rzeczy od Bath & Body Works...:)

    1. Ja też, nigdy nie miałam nic poza żelem antybakteryjnym.

  3. Nice review! Thanks for your message on my blog dear. Would you like to follow each other? Please let me know. xo,
    Insta @cocojeansblog

  4. oohh.. i wanna try those scrubs!! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  5. Definitely need to add some scrubs to my wishlist!


  6. Love this post !! Like all the products you use so much ;)

  7. Scrub bardzo mnie ciekawi, bo brzmi świetnie :)

  8. Hi dear
    Great products
    The pumkin scrub seems nice


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