ZAO Organic mattifying powder

ZAO Organic is a eco-luxury makeup brand. Their products are 100% organic, cruelty free, vegan, gluten and chemical free. Sounds great right?! There is more! Their products are available in re-usable bamboo packaging. That means once you buy something ether it is blush , powder or lipstick, later you only need refills :) Save your money and environment. Wonder if I could just get a blush refill and then just save them in a Z Palette? Coz I really want one of the blush they offer :) 

Anyways, today I want to talk to you about their mattifying powder. 
As you can see on the pictures, it comes in a bamboo packaging, which is re-usable. After you done with your powder simply pop old one out and insert the new one. With each product, there is an instruction on how you can remove and add products. My powder came in a cute cotton pouch. Powder itself is really good. Ever since I got it, I been using it daily in my makeup routine. It does have a orange color... But it don't show orange on my skin. It blends very nice and leaves a nice matte finish for a half day. Lets say I am done with my makeup around 7:30am and I can see a shine coming through around 2pm. Then I blot my face and apply it once again. Yes, I do carry it with me all the time. Even if I don't wear makeup (like weekends) I apply it and it gives me a nice light to medium coverage. It feels wight-less and it is lightly scented. I might be weird but I like when my makeup products smells nice. Let me say that the scent don't transfer to your skin, I only smell it once I swirl my brush in. 
Also I did notice small "bumps" on the surface of the powder. And I have no idea what that is. I ask my hubby's cousin, and she told me not to worry its nothing. I only use one powder (which is this one) and only one brush ( which I was once a week). 
Aside for that little '"bumps" I really been liking this powder. I must say , more then my Rimmel Stay Matte powder. 

See the bumps I was talking about.

ZAO Organic makeup is available in Europe more then it is in USA. SO ladies form Europe let me know what you recommend for me to try form their line :) Really want a blush and lipstick:) So that will be my future purchase :) 

NOTE: I spoke with ZAO rep. Jenny and she said
“All our cooked powder products are made in the oven. And 
Since they are produced without water, when they are cooked, the product 
can get air bubbles trapped inside. If you continue using the product, 
you should find that the "bumps" will be hollow. It is quite normal for 

This type of product -- nothing to do with the quality. "  

JeffreeStar Holiday Liquid Lipstick Bundle ~ swatches and review

Did you pick up your Holiday bundle yet? Coz I did and I love it :) Jeffree Star did such an amazing job with this collection :) All 5 shades are the BOMB! They all are Limited Edition ... But I saw on Jeffree's IG page that Androgyny will be a Permanent shade in Feb. 2016. What a great news! This shade was first to sold out. They all come in a Limited Edition white packaging with rose gold detailing, Even the caps are white with rose gold  stars :) Now lets see the colors :)

Doll Parts ~ really pretty soft pink. So far my favorite in this collection, I wore this one twice already and OMG it looks so pretty on me :) When I first saw swatch of it online I knew I need to have it :) The swatch is still on my IG page :) It show more f a mauve pink on me and Ugh I love it! Thanks Jeffrey for creating this gorgeousness shade!

Androgyny ~ this shade sold out so fast! Such a pretty dark mauve shade! a bit on a brownish side. It showed much more darker on me then what you see in a tube. But that's ok :) I will need a backup of this one and Doll Parts :) But since its becoming permanent next year I am good and happy! Thanks jeffree :) Pls make Doll Parts Permanent !

Mistletoe ~ true Christmas green :) Beautiful matte green :) Be unique this Xmas and wear Green Lipstick :) I really love it. I always wanted a green lipstick :) Well actually more of a Emerald green with some glitter if you know what I mean :) BUt this is really unique and I am happy to be a owner of it :)

Drug Lord ~ Hello first ever white liquid matte lipstick! Yes Jeffree did it , he created very fist white lipstick. .Did I mention I love the name of it? Fits it so good!.and now You ask why do I need a white lipsticks? and I tell you .. it can change color of any liquid lipstick once you mix them together. Just like with paints. I always used a white paint to change colors of any other paint or to create a new color :) . another use : you can use it as an eye liner :) I saw some girls on IG and did create beautiful looks with this lippie :) and If yo bold and brave enough wear it alone :)

Hoe Hoe Hoe ~  What a gorgeous red it is :) Lately I been hoarding red lipsticks like crazy and this is my first liquid one. You can see a reflex of red and purple, fuschia  glitter inside :) and to show it more (glitter) on your lips, after apply it  wait till it set and then rub you lips  with a finger or tissue . 

I really love Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks. They are matte and the last the whole day! Wear very beautiful and wont come off while drinking or eating. The only downside is that by the end of the day my lips got sooooo dry! Sahara Desert Dry! Bundle price $75 , each lipstick $18
JeffreeStar Lipsticks are available on Jeffree Website, Morphe Website and Beautylish  

Juicy Desiree and Bronzing Powder by Designer Skin

Hi Loves,

Today I want to show you my new products from Designer Skin.
If you not heard of Designer Skin then let me tell you a little bit about them They are leaders in a tanning lotions and after sun care. Their products contain high quality ingredients and are packed with vitamins and healthy oils   They help to keep your tan longer and your skin healthy. Designer Skin products are not tested on animals :) 

I will be reviewing two products today:
1 Juicy Desiree Tanning Lotion 
2. Designer Skin Bronzing Powder
 Just by looking at the packaging I am in love :)
So lets start with Tanning Lotion.

Juicy Desiree Tanning Lotion ~ Can we just stop for a second and admire the packaging ? I mean , how freaking gorgeous it is! And Imagine all their products have a super funky packaging. This one is hanging out on my shelf all the time and I swear every time my friends come over they ask me: 'What is that! its so pretty and where can I get it?". Yes , gotta love my BFF's :) But anyways aside of a beautiful packaging the lets talk about the product itself. It smells like a tropical Island. As soonest I open the smell it ..I am already imagine laying down ..on a white sand.. crystal clear ocean in front of me. Yes, this lotion get my imagination going big time. A delightful fusion of pineapple, mango and kale blended to perfection to create a light weight juice-based formula that over serves skin with 12 unique antioxidants and nutrients. Pineapple and mango blend helps to moisturize and increase oxygenation for even color and Kale helps intensify tanning results. This products do not contain a sunscreen which wont protect against sunburn. Its great for indoor and outdoor tanning. I used it only few times. I will get more use of it during summer for sure :) it went on creamy and it didn't left my skin greasy. Like I said I will have more use of it during spring and summer time. But , yes every time I hit a tanning place this baby is coming with me :)

Designer Skin Bronzing Powder ~ OMG! this is not your typical brownish orangy brozner, no this is the glow on brozner ( hahaha I hope you understand me ).  It comes in a gold box with pink cheetah prints. So I thought the packaging will be same but I was wrong. It is a plain black. Wish it could be more like the design on the box , but then again it will look weird with the bronzer pattern.  As you can see there are the colors light brown, dark brown and pink. Light brown swatches much more lighter then in a pan. Its more of a highlight shade. Dark will be your contour and pink your blush . Swirled all together they look INCREDIBLE! And hell , they are pigmented! You just need a tiny bit to bronze and make your skin glow! On my skin it comes off more pink though :(
Anyways I do like this product. I just dust it over after I finish applying my makeup. :) 
Down below you can see swatches along side other bronzers I have, so just you know more less what you get :) If you are a dark to medium skin tone, this will look sooooooo beautiful on you! 

Here is the website of Designer Skin. You can check more out more products 
Happy Shopping :) 

Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills ~ Korean Skin Care Line

I wanted to write a review of these two products for a while now. I really don't know what took me so long. 
Anyways I want to introduce you to new (to me) Korean Skin Care Line. Founded by Dr. Anne Lee, who with help form her friends and family launched in Beverly Hills new skin care line. Products sold globally all over Asia, Americas and Middle East. 
I received form them 3 products to test.I will be only writing about two of them. the 3rd one didn't worked for me. I wish it could but oh well, I will send it over to my mom and I will later write a review on what my mom think of it :)

Lets start with Green Apple Premium Cleansing Oil ~ is Macadamia Nut oil based pre- cleanser, used to clean away all the makeup, sunblock and oil on the surface of the face. With the power blend of Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E and other natural extracts this water soluble cleansing oil breaks down makeup leaving skin fresh and ready for next cleansing step. It can be use around eye and mouth area. 
This cleanser works so good. Removes my stubborn makeup with ease. I find it works really great on my eyes and when I wear liquid lipsticks ( you know the kind that only oil based makeup remover can remove). Super easy to use. Just pumped few drops on my dry hands and rub into my skin. To take it off, I wet my fingers in a warm water and massage until turns white. Wash it off and use makeup wipe to get off the rest of the makeup and oil form m face . Then I reach for my daily cleansing gels and finish my routine. I also found it works great for my oily skin. It don't make it more oily or what so ever.
Definitely is a must try product. Also I does have  smell to it. Not really annoying ( like some can be) This one is really pleasant. 

My daily skin routine I finish with Clear Complex PM Purity Gel ~ I can't even express how much I love this gel! Its a gel that is to be used night time only and it is formulated to be used on breakouts skin types. For me is the best on all the 'surprise' zits/pimples I get once in a while. Simply after I finish washing my face I apply this gel at the very end. It can be used as a all over or just on the spots. I prefer spots. Whenever I see a pimple coming out I apply the gel on. One time I was getting one on my chin and it hurt like crazy. You know , if you have a acne problem that they do hurt a bit. So I applied the purity gel on it and the next morning the pimple was smaller and it didn't hurt at all.! Life saver! So whenever I get my surprise zits this little bottle is coming to my rescue and keeps them at bay! ;) 

I am so pleased with both products. Both works great for me and I continue using them all the time. Such an amazing staple in my skin routine. Highly recommend them to you.
Paraben and cruelty free line

Check the links below to shop.
Green Apple Cleansing Oil
 PM Purity Gel
Dermaesthetics Website

Lady In The Loop ~ Cate McNabb Cosmetics (Review and Swatches)

Hello my palette junkies! 
 I can't believe we are a month away form Holidays! And what is a Holiday time with out a perfect palette? A palette that have everything in for you to use. Well you are lucky , because I want to introduce you to a new brand I recently discovered. 
Cate McNabb Cosmetics is a certified cruelty free, paraben free luxury cosmetic line. 
Formulated without unnecessary chemicals, Cate McNabb provides less harmful option through bold hues and high preforming, natural products form bold eye-shadows to long lasting lipsticks.
Their newest release ~ Holiday palettes are a must have! They have 3 options :
1 North Shore Natural
2 Lady In the Loop
3 Magnificent Mistress 
All are so beautiful/ I am lucky to have  'Lady In the Loop' and I am obsessed with it! The quality is amazing and the products as well! 

'Lady in the Loop' Comes in a black , very sturdy, plastic packaging. On the outside there is a Cate McNabb logo. Inside you have a full size mirror and your beautiful products. My palette comes with a blush, highlight, two eye shadows, two lipsticks.  Lady In The loop focuses on a bold lip and softer eye look. 

Cotton Candy Blush~ Such a beautiful pink blush! Looks like there is a bit of shimmer in, but when I swatched on the back of my hand I didn't see any. Gives more of a satin finish. Blends very well and it look just gorgeous! Mineral based, long wearing blush. Perfect blush shade for Fall/Winter.

24k Illuminizer ~ bronzy-gold highlight. Really beautiful. Packed with glitter. Although it is too dark for my skin I used it as a highlight while I did my eye makeup. I apply it in my inner corner and on lower lash line. Goes perfectly with both shadows form the palette.

SoCal and Bark  Eye shadow ~ mineral based and pigmented. Holy Molly , they are really pigmented. "SoCal" eye shadow is gorgeous gold shade. Metallic, swatches like butter and applies like a dream. Love it! Pigmentation on this guy is amazing! Now the "Bark" eye shadow is a matte. Dark brown and when swatched looks less more pigmented, compared to "SoCal". Its the prefect crease shade. Not to dark and very blendable.

Guava and Red Line Lipsticks ~ Now I will tel you something. The only reason I got this palette is the RED LIPSTICK! Yes this color stood out the most and so gorgeous on. Red Line Lipsticks is a exclusive to this palette. Its a satin finish and for me looks like a strawberry red :) God its so pretty!
The other lipstick "Guava" is a darker matte shade. Rich , warm mauve. Didn't wear this one yet but I definitely will.

Overall this palette is really good. You can try 4 Cate McNabb products at once, with out spending tons of money. Also, right now you can find great deals on their website. Selected items are 50%off! I suggest to check them out :)

Lady in The Loop Palette --> click here. 
click here to check the Holiday palettes.
Click here to shop 

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipsticks ~ Rose Stiletto and Fuschia

I am so excited about this post! I want to share my opinion on YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks!
My very first YSL lipsticks ...ever! Can you understand my excitement ? They have been on my wish list for so long! I always wanted at least one :) and now I have two!
Influenster selected me as one of many that received YSL Vox Box.
 Like I said I got 2 lipsticks form YSL Rouge Pur Couture line.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture # 19 Fuschia ~ beautiful bright pink. This is my kinda color for summer. I think I will be able to rock it in a winter time :) I think it suites more summer / winter then Fall. The color is just so pretty! More of night time color then a day time :)

YSL Rouge Pur Couture # 9 Rose Stiletto  ~ now this is my kinda color! Perfect for any season and any occasion. I wore it to work couple of time and I got lots of compliments on it :) Score! I would describe color as a neutral berry pink. You guys have no idea how much I love this color :)

The formula on it is amazing! Extremely creamy and pigmented. After application feel that my lips are moisturized. The color wears long as well! Even with me sipping on my coffee/tea.
Now lets talk packaging. Lipsticks also have floral scent to it. For me to be honest I like when my lipstick have a scent, Yes! this is a luxury! Gold square tube that is also pretty heavy. I love how luxurious they look and feel :)
Such a lovely addiction to my makeup collection.
They retail at $36 each. Yes, I know it is pricey but I think it is worth it :) You can get them at Sephora and other stores that sells YSL Line. These can make a lovely Birthday or Christmas gift! I mean who wouldn't love a YSL lipstick, right?
Yes, I will be purchasing more! I am officially hooked on YSL! :)

Pixi Beauty ~ Fall 2015

Hello Loves,

Pixi Beauty recently send me a box with some new makeup goodies inside. Super excited to share them with all of you. Let's get ready for Fall with Pixi shall we? :) Now let me show you what I got in small green box :) Are you ready? 

Cat Eye Ink in Intense Black ~ liquid eyeliner. The slanted tip reminds me of an angled liner brush. Its really black and really pigmented! One swipe and you ready to go! Waterproof formula makes it last the whole day with no feathering. I have to admit I am not so good when it comes to lining out my eyes :( But hey! if I practice more I will be a pro! 

Endless Brow Gel Pen ~ lets not forget about or brows. Unique gel texture. So far I been filing my brows with a Jordana's Powder duo for blondes. I was excited when I saw a brown pencil in the box. I am still on search for a perfect brow product without spending fortune on it. With this Endless Brow pencil it was eaas for me to fill and shape my brows. But I think the color might be a bit to dark for me. Other then that I really like it.

Mattelustre Lipstick in Pure Fuschia  and Plum Berry ~ ever since they launch the lipsticks they been on my wishlist. Both colors are gorgeous :) 'Pure Fuschia' just like the name suggests is a bright fuschia pink. 'Pure Berry' Deep berry , so perfect for Fall. Both are hybrids between matte and lustre finish. Both are really pigmented. Formulated with peptides and vitamins C & E to help create fuller, smoother looking lips. Weightless color wears comfortably and stays put the whole day. I say I will be picking few more shades :)

Glow Tonic ~ Oh this baby I been wanting forever! Finally I have a chance to try it out! Its an alcohol free toner that exfoliate and helps tot tone, firm and tighten the skin.  I will be having a full review on it in a week r so. Let me test this baby more and I will get back to you :)

Halloween 2015 My and Sophia's Costume

Another Halloween passed. God, how much I love Halloween! We never celebrate it in Poland and maybe that is why ? 
Anyways here are our costumes :)
Last year Sophia was Elsa and this year she wanted to be Rainbow Dash form my little ponies.
And me ? I decided to paint my face and transform into Jem :) 
Here are our looks :)

And after we played a bit more with makeup palettes and we came up with this :) 

Happy Halloween :) 

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