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I wanted to write a review of these two products for a while now. I really don't know what took me so long. 
Anyways I want to introduce you to new (to me) Korean Skin Care Line. Founded by Dr. Anne Lee, who with help form her friends and family launched in Beverly Hills new skin care line. Products sold globally all over Asia, Americas and Middle East. 
I received form them 3 products to test.I will be only writing about two of them. the 3rd one didn't worked for me. I wish it could but oh well, I will send it over to my mom and I will later write a review on what my mom think of it :)

Lets start with Green Apple Premium Cleansing Oil ~ is Macadamia Nut oil based pre- cleanser, used to clean away all the makeup, sunblock and oil on the surface of the face. With the power blend of Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E and other natural extracts this water soluble cleansing oil breaks down makeup leaving skin fresh and ready for next cleansing step. It can be use around eye and mouth area. 
This cleanser works so good. Removes my stubborn makeup with ease. I find it works really great on my eyes and when I wear liquid lipsticks ( you know the kind that only oil based makeup remover can remove). Super easy to use. Just pumped few drops on my dry hands and rub into my skin. To take it off, I wet my fingers in a warm water and massage until turns white. Wash it off and use makeup wipe to get off the rest of the makeup and oil form m face . Then I reach for my daily cleansing gels and finish my routine. I also found it works great for my oily skin. It don't make it more oily or what so ever.
Definitely is a must try product. Also I does have  smell to it. Not really annoying ( like some can be) This one is really pleasant. 

My daily skin routine I finish with Clear Complex PM Purity Gel ~ I can't even express how much I love this gel! Its a gel that is to be used night time only and it is formulated to be used on breakouts skin types. For me is the best on all the 'surprise' zits/pimples I get once in a while. Simply after I finish washing my face I apply this gel at the very end. It can be used as a all over or just on the spots. I prefer spots. Whenever I see a pimple coming out I apply the gel on. One time I was getting one on my chin and it hurt like crazy. You know , if you have a acne problem that they do hurt a bit. So I applied the purity gel on it and the next morning the pimple was smaller and it didn't hurt at all.! Life saver! So whenever I get my surprise zits this little bottle is coming to my rescue and keeps them at bay! ;) 

I am so pleased with both products. Both works great for me and I continue using them all the time. Such an amazing staple in my skin routine. Highly recommend them to you.
Paraben and cruelty free line

Check the links below to shop.
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 PM Purity Gel
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