Juicy Desiree and Bronzing Powder by Designer Skin

Hi Loves,

Today I want to show you my new products from Designer Skin.
If you not heard of Designer Skin then let me tell you a little bit about them They are leaders in a tanning lotions and after sun care. Their products contain high quality ingredients and are packed with vitamins and healthy oils   They help to keep your tan longer and your skin healthy. Designer Skin products are not tested on animals :) 

I will be reviewing two products today:
1 Juicy Desiree Tanning Lotion 
2. Designer Skin Bronzing Powder
 Just by looking at the packaging I am in love :)
So lets start with Tanning Lotion.

Juicy Desiree Tanning Lotion ~ Can we just stop for a second and admire the packaging ? I mean , how freaking gorgeous it is! And Imagine all their products have a super funky packaging. This one is hanging out on my shelf all the time and I swear every time my friends come over they ask me: 'What is that! its so pretty and where can I get it?". Yes , gotta love my BFF's :) But anyways aside of a beautiful packaging the lets talk about the product itself. It smells like a tropical Island. As soonest I open the smell it ..I am already imagine laying down ..on a white sand.. crystal clear ocean in front of me. Yes, this lotion get my imagination going big time. A delightful fusion of pineapple, mango and kale blended to perfection to create a light weight juice-based formula that over serves skin with 12 unique antioxidants and nutrients. Pineapple and mango blend helps to moisturize and increase oxygenation for even color and Kale helps intensify tanning results. This products do not contain a sunscreen which wont protect against sunburn. Its great for indoor and outdoor tanning. I used it only few times. I will get more use of it during summer for sure :) it went on creamy and it didn't left my skin greasy. Like I said I will have more use of it during spring and summer time. But , yes every time I hit a tanning place this baby is coming with me :)

Designer Skin Bronzing Powder ~ OMG! this is not your typical brownish orangy brozner, no this is the glow on brozner ( hahaha I hope you understand me ).  It comes in a gold box with pink cheetah prints. So I thought the packaging will be same but I was wrong. It is a plain black. Wish it could be more like the design on the box , but then again it will look weird with the bronzer pattern.  As you can see there are the colors light brown, dark brown and pink. Light brown swatches much more lighter then in a pan. Its more of a highlight shade. Dark will be your contour and pink your blush . Swirled all together they look INCREDIBLE! And hell , they are pigmented! You just need a tiny bit to bronze and make your skin glow! On my skin it comes off more pink though :(
Anyways I do like this product. I just dust it over after I finish applying my makeup. :) 
Down below you can see swatches along side other bronzers I have, so just you know more less what you get :) If you are a dark to medium skin tone, this will look sooooooo beautiful on you! 

Here is the website of Designer Skin. You can check more out more products 
Happy Shopping :) 


  1. Jakie słodkie :)) Puder brązujący ma faktycznie ciekawy kolor :P

  2. fajnie się prezentuje ten bronzer ;)

  3. Wow, the packaging is absolutely luxurious and wonderful! Great review!


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