ZAO Organic mattifying powder

ZAO Organic is a eco-luxury makeup brand. Their products are 100% organic, cruelty free, vegan, gluten and chemical free. Sounds great right?! There is more! Their products are available in re-usable bamboo packaging. That means once you buy something ether it is blush , powder or lipstick, later you only need refills :) Save your money and environment. Wonder if I could just get a blush refill and then just save them in a Z Palette? Coz I really want one of the blush they offer :) 

Anyways, today I want to talk to you about their mattifying powder. 
As you can see on the pictures, it comes in a bamboo packaging, which is re-usable. After you done with your powder simply pop old one out and insert the new one. With each product, there is an instruction on how you can remove and add products. My powder came in a cute cotton pouch. Powder itself is really good. Ever since I got it, I been using it daily in my makeup routine. It does have a orange color... But it don't show orange on my skin. It blends very nice and leaves a nice matte finish for a half day. Lets say I am done with my makeup around 7:30am and I can see a shine coming through around 2pm. Then I blot my face and apply it once again. Yes, I do carry it with me all the time. Even if I don't wear makeup (like weekends) I apply it and it gives me a nice light to medium coverage. It feels wight-less and it is lightly scented. I might be weird but I like when my makeup products smells nice. Let me say that the scent don't transfer to your skin, I only smell it once I swirl my brush in. 
Also I did notice small "bumps" on the surface of the powder. And I have no idea what that is. I ask my hubby's cousin, and she told me not to worry its nothing. I only use one powder (which is this one) and only one brush ( which I was once a week). 
Aside for that little '"bumps" I really been liking this powder. I must say , more then my Rimmel Stay Matte powder. 

See the bumps I was talking about.

ZAO Organic makeup is available in Europe more then it is in USA. SO ladies form Europe let me know what you recommend for me to try form their line :) Really want a blush and lipstick:) So that will be my future purchase :) 

NOTE: I spoke with ZAO rep. Jenny and she said
“All our cooked powder products are made in the oven. And 
Since they are produced without water, when they are cooked, the product 
can get air bubbles trapped inside. If you continue using the product, 
you should find that the "bumps" will be hollow. It is quite normal for 

This type of product -- nothing to do with the quality. "  


  1. Być może produkt się "zbryla" od wilgoci z pędzla ;) Mimo wszystko wygląda pięknie :)

  2. jakie ładne opakowanie, nie znałam wcześniej tego produktu :)

  3. Nieważne zbrylanie przy takim disign :D Piękne opakowanie! ;)

  4. Pierwsze słyszę o tej marce ... Reusable packaging mają bardzo udane :-)

  5. Bardzo lubię produkty ZAO, miałam ich sporo, puder też u mnie gościł, ale takich " kuleczek " w moim nie było, stosuję też róż i bronzer - też nie zaobserwowałam takiego zjawiska, nie wiem, czym jest spowodowane, ale widziałam podobne na blogach dziewczyn :)

    1. oooo :0 super ja planuje zakupic pomadke i roze , i moze jeszcze cienie :) bardzo sie z nimi polubilam


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