Be Bella Cosmetics B35C dupe for Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette?

Ever since I posted a picture of Be Bella Cosmetics eye shadow palette B35C, I got asked if it is a dupe for Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette. 
When you look at Be Bella palette it do look like famous JH palette. 
I decided to do swatches of both, since I do own JH palette ;) Lucky was able to buy it second time around. 

When you look at both palettes, they do look same. Be Bella B35C palette got an extra row of shadows. JH palette includes 28 shadows, Be Bella 35 shadows. 
Both palettes are combination of neutrals and pop of colors kind of shades. 
On both all the shadows are super pigmented! Especially shimmers and satin shades, so creamy and with one swatch you get full on pigment. 

Check my sloppy swatches ;) LOL ... sorry guys I did try but my camera wouldn't focus! i get so mad at it some times. Really I need to invest in a new one soon. 
But anyways, when you look closely some colors are a bit darker or lighter. But most of the satin ones are dead on dupes. They do feel the same and they do swatch the same. 

So if you didn't get JH palette, check BeBella Cosmetics B35C palette. It is a great dupe! and it only $19.99 It is less more expensive then JH palette and plus you get extra row of Shadows!! JH palette was $27.99...
Here is the link to B35C palette.  

So what do you guys think? I think it is a really great DUPE! I say if you don't own JH and you always want it, check Be Bella Cosmetics palette . Like I said the texture of the shadows is really creamy and they are pigmented :) 


  1. Rzeczywiście są niezwykle podobne. Widziałam kilka recenzji tej palety ale nikt nie wspomniał o podobieństwie do innego produktu. Wyglądają trochę jakby wyszły z jednej fabryki

  2. Oh wow, they really are almost dead on dupes of each other! I never got my hands on the Jaclyn palette nor have I tried Morphe shadows, but the swatches alone look really impressive so I may look into this Be Bella one :)

  3. Sporo kolorków, ale dużo jest podobnych do siebie.

  4. wow! identyczne plus dodatkowa row!


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