Bella And Bear Brushes ~ Review

Two months ago I received new brushes . I tell  you I love trying new brushes and I am always in need of new ones. I got set of 5 "Cats Eyes" and a foundation brush. So far I am really happy with them. And ... If you are interested in purchasing anything form Bella and Bear I will have a coupon code for you :) Sounds great right :)

"Cats Eyes" 5 piece brush set ~ this a great kit if you start dealing with makeup. It have 5 brushes that you will use quite often while doing your eye look. So we have ;
* Leopard Cat ~  I used it to blend shadow in my crease and on the outer corner and lover lash line. It is a bit scratchy tho. 
* Iromote ~ love this one to apply shimmer, glitter shadows. 
* Pampas Cat ~ big, fluffy blending brush. Sheds a lot 
* Black Footed Cat ~ eye shadow brush.
* Ilberian Lynx ~ double ended. one end is a spoolie and the other is a tipped brush, that I like to fill my eyebrows with. 
Love all the cat names. I think something was wrong with my set tho. I read a lot of people love this set and they say how good it is etc. Yes I agree it is good , but out of 5, 2 brushes were a big disappointment for me. And I am talking about the ones I was most excited about: Leopard Cat and Pampas Cat.
Pampas Cat sheds so much! Even while blending it was losing bristles like crazy! 
And Leopard cat is a bit to rough for my eye lids, scratched the heck out of me! I do notice that after 2 washes it got a tiny bit softer.
like a said the set is not bad. I might got a crappy one but I think the brushes are ok and worth trying out. 
They also come in this gorgeous box. Vintage teal looking. I do like the box better then the brushes tho! it is really lovely :)

You can get them off AMAZON for only $15. 

Foundation Brush "LYNX" ~ flat top kabuki brush. Perfect for blending, buffing liquid foundation. This brush is amazing! the best foundation brush I ever tried ! first off is super soft. I could rub it all over my face forever. Again came in this cute vintage teal box. I was surprised to see the net around bristles! You don't see this often. It applies my foundation evenly. And it works great with my Dior AirFlash Foundation! I tried so many brushes to work my Dior with no luck. Highly recommend this brush! get it and you wont be disappointed. 

Link ----> Amazon. (Bella and Bear). $12


  1. Niby też mam dużo pędzli, ale ciągle mam ochotę na nowe :D

  2. All looks amazing, especially this one big foundation brush

  3. Have been seeing these in some blogs lately. They look lovely and appear to be great quality too. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK


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