Buff Her ~ Foaming Food Facial scrub in Strawberry Lemon

Who doesn't like facial scrubs? Well I am a big fun of it :) And if you are too then keep on reading.

I actually want to talk to you about Foaming Food Facial Scrubs by Buff Her. 
Good exfoliation is a staple in a every skin care. Buff Her unique facial food scrubs are handcrafted form natural, organic fruits and veggies. Yes all the ingredients are organic and you can recognize them. Such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas, honey and even coffee. 
Out of three scrubs I have form them I will only focus on one for now. 

I been using Strawberry Lemon Foaming food scrub for a while now. Like I said I have 3 different ones but I only opened one for now. First off the packaging is really good. Glass jar that holds 3.25 oz (96g) of product is in. After you open the lid, it smells like a heaven gate to strawberry fields. I can even say how good it smells! Strawberry lemon cupcakes! Oh I know! Long time ago I bought a strawberry cake mix, I think form Duncan Hines. After baking cupcakes the whole house smelled like freshly baked strawberry goodies. This scrub actually smells even better! I think the combo of lemon and strawberries makes it so yummy! plus both ingredients are super for breakouts! Strawberries contains salicylic acid, that is main ingredient in any acne medication. 
I remember when I first used it, my face was so red! I went a bit overboard and scrub the heck out of my face. Imagine that! After I went over with my moisturizer and my skin felt so smooth and tight! After that I been using this scrub once a week and hell I love my skin! 
Each container get you at least 200 uses! That is a lot! Plus i t is super easy to use ;) scoop desire amount ( a little goes a long way) into your wet hands rub it together and then apply to your face in circular motion. You can use it either water or your favorite cleanser with it. 
Buff Her scrub is the best one I ever used! I really been loving. Some scrubs, face mask etc . breaks me out. But not with this one. This feels really good and smells so delicious! it makes me wanna bake! 
Later I will be doing review on Milk and Honey  and Vanilla Almond Scrubs. I didn't open them yet so they need to wait their turn. Hopefully they won't wait long ;)
Check Buff Her website. There is a plenty scrubs and flavors to choose from. Go with your skin type to get a perfect match ;)

XoXo ~ Monica

Review on Matcha Skin Lip Scrub coming soon :)

mixed with water

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  1. Oh this scrub looks and sounds lovely :) Great post!

    Nicole xx | www.nicolesbeautybabble.com

  2. I love the packaging so much. It looks amazing. I don't think it's available in UK which is a shame as the product sounds brilliant :)



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