Noyah, natural Cosmetics ~ Lipsticks Review

I been meaning to write this review months ago. I did actually put it down on a paper , but hey! if you know me , I lost it. Story of my life....
Anyways .... Let me show you my pretties lipsticks ever!
Can you tell why???? Yes , the packaging! Look, just look how gorgeous it is!

Noyah, born in a heart of NYC, cruelty free natural cosmetics in dazzling bamboo packaging. 
All natural kosher lipsticks are formulated with Coconut oil, Shea Butter and skin protecting Vitamin E.
I own 3 shades; 
* Empire Red~ Semi Matte (perfect for glamorous red lip)
* Hazelnut Cream ~ Cream Finish (rose-hazelnut shade with a touch of frost).
* Desert Rose ~ Semi Matte dirty pink.
All I have to say is , they are stunning! Of course the matte finish lipsticks will be drying, but over all they do wear comfortable on the lips. They are pigmented. Empire Red is like I said your perfect red, and lucky for me is a blue undertones, with I think suites me better then warmer shades of red. The other two Hazelnut cream and Desert Rose are everyday lipsticks. The ones you carry with you in your makeup bag. 
Unfortunately someone ruined my Desert Rose lipstick. The lippie was smashes inside of the lid ! I cried when I saw that! I really hate when people touch my makeup with out asking me! I don't even know when it happen ;(
Anyways Noyah need to work a bit on the lipsticks lids. They are really hard to open. I am pretty sure, one of my hubby's cousin saw the pretty packaging displayed on my vanity and she tried to open it. Maybe she screwed lipstick  wrong way and it got stuck in the lid, so it was pulled out of the tube. Oh well ;( can't do nothing about it. Although packaging is beautiful , you need to be very careful while opening. 

I also have two lip glosses:
* Cherry Cardinal ~ bright cherry-red gloss, with some sparkles
* Summertime Peach ~ perfect nude gloss with some gold sparkles
I am not  big on glosses. I do like them but I prefer lipsticks.
Noyah lip glosses tare all natural with rich sheen and pop of color. They are made with Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E. They are great for a pop of color and to moisture lips as well. Like any gloss they can be use over a for example a matte lipstick.
I really been liking Cherry cardinal. Wore it a few times and I must say it is a gorgeous color. It lasted super long too! Some glosses tend to wear off with in an hour after applying , but not  this one. It don't feel think or heavy on the lips. Plus its not sticky ;)

Visit Noayh Website to see more colors and read more.

XoXo ~ Monica


  1. They really look so cute :))))))

  2. Hazelnut Cream is my best! Great colors and bamboo packaging :)

  3. Wyglądają uroczo w tych opakowaniach :)

  4. This is some of the prettiest packaging I have seen and the colors are lovely too.

  5. Zakochałam się w tych opakowaniach!


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