Smoothing Therapy Keratin Complex ~ Winter Hair Care

Your hair needs same attention as your skin, no matter if it's summer, fall or winter. Now that temperature drops drastically, your hair gets damaged very fast. 
I have a long hair, a very very long hair and plus my hair are color treated and they get damaged very easy. So hair care is really important for me.

Today I will share with you my new hair care products I been using for a past week. 
And also I become a Brand Ambassador for and I super excited to tell you more about this amazing expirence!  FragranceNet is a website where you can find perfumes, colognes, candles and makeup at really great prices! So i there are any great deals going on I will or sure let you know right away :) Best if you all can follow my IG -> Villemo20. I post there first and this place comes in second :). 
Anyways back to review. Also at the end I will post few tips on how to take care of your hair in winter, so stay tuned for that. 

Smoothing Therapy Keratin Complex Shampoo and Conditioner ~ since I have color treated hair I need to invest in hair care that help me keep my color longer. Smoothing Therapy Keratin Complex duo which I received from FragranceNet not only kept my color but it made my hair look and feel better. I even got a lots of compliments and girls at my work asked what did I do to my hair ?! They look smooth, less fizzy and when you touch silky soft. Yes, that's what I called Magic In  a Bottle. 
Before that my hair were really dry and dull looking. Maybe you notice that after shampooing your hair gets really heavy and very dry, you know what I mean ? Does this happen to you too or its only me? They get so tangled that when I think of brushing all the knots out I cry, Yup that will hurt!
Every time I got to hairdresser all I hear is how bad my hair are.Well I know they are, but I wont stop dying them, I like myself in a blonde hair.
After using this magical duo my hair never felt better. After shampooing I actually could run fingers thru my hair ( I didn't conditioner my hair yet).So after shampooing three times I apply conditioner and I let it sit in my hair or 5- 10 minutes. If I don't use hair masks ( and I didn't use it this time , I wanted to know how these two will perform on its own) I leave in conditioner for 10 min to make my hair more softer and more manageable. 
After 10 minutes I rinse my hair and boy they felt good! Brushing it went fast and smooth. 
Yeah well almost bottom of my hair was still tangled, well that happens a lot to me :)
Anyways I really am impressed with Smoothing Therapy duo. 
After blow drying and styling I notice that my hair were also less fizzy. Plus straightening my hair with flat iron went easier and faster than usual. It also smells divine. Fresh and fruity.
And before I blow dry my hair I used Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy Keratin replenishment. Advance formulation that revitalizes the hair with a blend of keratin and emollients. It restores moisture, protects against frizz and helps seal nourishment into the cuticle, leaving behind silky, shiny hair. 
The bottle comes with a pump so it is very easy to use. Just dispense 2-3 pumps in your hands and then apply evenly into your hair. the color of it reminds me o f strawberry pudding :) but I am not a big fan of a scent tho. I am pretty sure this will become a product that I will not be able to live without.

You can ind all three on :
Shampoo ~ $13.49
Conditioner ~ $13.49
Infusion Therapy ~ $18.47
All with 25% off coupon :)

Few tips or you :
* Wear Hat ~ always cover your head and hair.
* moisturize ~ use hair mask
* try to use less hair tools such as blow dryer and flat iron, they take all the moisture from your hair and make them dryer. if you using them, apply heat protecting sprays first
* avoid chemicals
* use argan oil to add moisture to your hair

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