2nd Love Cosmetics ~ Glow' N Bronzers Swatches and Review

First time I came across 2nd love Cosmetics while shopping at my Beauty Supply Store. I Saw their baked blushes and bronzers and I was hooked! I bought all the shades they had ;) 
Later 2nd Love Cosmetics were nice enough to send some more of their products for me to try it out.
2nd Love is LA based cosmetic line. There are claim to be a 2nd generation of cosmetics and they are famous of their baked products.
I already owned 3 blushes and 2 bronzers before they send me more goodies. Both of the baked products can be apply with dry or wet brush. I personally like to apply with dry.
Today I will share with you bronzers and later I will show you rest of their products.
If you want to see the my whole 2nd love collection I post a picture on my IG a while back. Click here.

I have 3 shades of their famous bronzers :

* Warmth
* Toasted
* Sun Kissed

They all contain 4 strips of color. they can be used individually or all, just simply swirl it. They are shimmery and pigmented. I really been enjoying them a lot.

Warmth ~ contain 4 strips: beige, brown, pale pink and bronze. The beige one can be use as a highlight and pink as a blush. Swirl them all together and you get soft bronzy pink glow. Its more o a bronzy blush which I been using a lot lately.

Toasted ~ also contains 4 strips: taupe brown, light beige, golden peach and copper. Love the middle highlight colors! i been using lighter quite a lot. When you swirl them together you get a very light sheen , almost like a highlighter. I love this one the most out of all three. But I think this is better to use as wet then dry. The color shows more.

Sun Kissed ~ again 4 strips ; light beige, orangy-gold, taupe brown and bronze. This one is the darkest one out of three. On a darker skin tones this will look fabulous and will give that sun-kissed look ;)

Overall I been really liking them. Especially Toasted where I can get a use of the two highlight shades. They are stunning! Swatches, that I will show you I made with finger and they are dry. If you want to intensify you can use a wet brush or once you pick a product spray fix+ on it. For me I like them dry.
They are not overwhelming , they blend perfectly and give me beautiful glow.
And by the way these can be totally pulled off as an eye shadows as well!

2nd Love is a cruelty free line and you can purchase their products on their website.
$14.99 but the pan is big and you will get a lot of use of it. I say money well spent.


  1. I am addicted to bronzers a bit :-)

  2. I'm addicted to contours, not so much bronzers and I normally stay away from baked formulas for them as they give just a little too much sheen for my liking ;) I stick to powder or cream. I like the post, very informative and swatches look nice :) x x



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