Dollup Beauty Compact Makeup Case

Dollup case ~ a makeup clutch compact helps you use, store and carry makeup. 
I use so much makeup on a daily basis and I carry a lot in my makeup bag as well. But it all gets clutter and messes up my bag. You know what I mean, right?
This Dollup case is a life saver for me. Not only it is stylish but it also hold my makeup products neatly organized. Inside you can find elastic straps that can hold lipsticks, lip glosses, liner and even brushes. Also case includes a big size mirror and underneath it a magnetic palette that can hold your depoted makeup pans of blushes, powders and eye shadows. 
The quality is amazing. Well made and won't break easy. Comes in few different colors. I have my in SUGARCUBE WHITE, white case with  silver lining. Outside the metal hardware is gold. So stylish and glamorous! Perfect for a night out or just any to carry around in your purse. 
Every woman need a Dollup case in her life ;) 

The price of this beauty is $52 and it can be purchased on Dollup Beauty website.


  1. I love the idea of this! I use a really similar case as my wallet and find its so much more spacious and easy to use, and I like that as a makeup organizer this keeps everything in one place and uncluttered. I'll have to check the site out :)

  2. Słyszałam o tym "pudełku", jest urocze :)

  3. Rewelacja! taki pencil case na szminki etc. :) podoba mi się, tylko na razie zniechęca mnie cena, ale może rozejrzę się za podobnym...

  4. Seems like both practice and fancy thing :-). Great idea :D

  5. bardzo fajne pudełeczko tym bardziej że jest pojemne i eleganckie ;)


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