Makeup Revolution "Mermaids Forever" palette

I am not going to lie. I love Makeup Revolution palettes and I think they are one of the best on the market, if not the best! 
Thank God we have some of them available here in USA. 
Palettes are my weakness! I can have 1000 and I still will need it more. I just love them. Also being makeup/beauty blogger I am allowed to have many of them, right? 
Today let me show you this beautiful summer gem I recently got.

"Mermaids Forever" By Makeup Revolution. 
I always wanted to be mermaid and I am fascinated with with merpeople world. 
Ever since I saw Little Mermaid and Splash! I mean did you see Daryl Hannah beautiful hair and orangey-gold tail! Magic! Sometimes when I sit at the beach and look at the ocean I imagine merpeople coming and inviting me to see their hidden kingdom, deep deep down in the Ocean. My imagination is no joke! But anyways back to the palette, coz this post is about a Mermaid palette and not Merpeople kidnapping me LOL.

Palette is filled with 32 vibrant eye shadows. They are closed in a black, glossy packaging (like other MUR palettes), so watch on finger prints. Inside you can find jewel tones inspired eye shadow that screams Mermaids and Summer. Also under the lid you can find a full size mirror which I really appreciate. Can we talk for a second about the actual box! How gorgeous is that! Beautiful metallic aqua-teal is just breathtaking. Really Wish the palette was like that itself. 
Now back to eyeshadows. We have a selection of blues, aquatic, purples, nudes and greens. 
They have almost velvety texture. Buttery smooths and blends so nice with minimal fallout. 
Also look at the pattern in a palette, did you see it?

First row from top to bottom we have four shades pf pearly creams, then orange, going for light to dark. Then we have pinks (light-top, dark-bottom), purples (light-top, dark-bottom), blues, greens, browns and silver + black (with same pattern light-top, dark-bottom). 
This palette might not be for everyone , but I think that you should get it anyway! You have all possible shades all in one. You can create day time look and nighttime look. 
Also while browsing pictures of this palettes on googles. I saw that the plastic cover that comes inside have a names printed on ... wonder why my did not? Anyways I went ahead and google the names and I add them to my palette pictures.Some colors as you will see on swatches are better than others.
Overall I really like this palette! The variety of different colors makes it special and one I can see myself reach a lot during summer.
You need this palette in your collection :) Get it at Ulta, Ulta.Com and Makeup Revolution USA and UK websites ~ $15


  1. Piękne zestawienie kolorystyczne :)

    Kochana klikniesz w linki w najnowszym poście : ?
    Z góry dziękuję ;*

  2. These are such beautiful colors and I can't believe how affordable it is!

  3. Świetne kolory. Co prawda na swatchach wypadają dość blado ale na bazę było by z pewnością dużo lepiej :)


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