Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette "HOT SPICE" ~ Review + Swatches

Makeup Revolution~ a makeup line created in Uk and slowly getting its way to US market. I am happy to see more of their products at my Ulta and online. Everyone and their mothers are talking about MUR and they Hype is real. 

Today I want to share my thoughts on one of their blush palettes. They have two option available: 
* Hot Spice 
* Sugar and Spice

I have Hot Spice and I am obsessed with it. Palette comes with 8 blushes. Each blush is really big and they are 3 finishes : shimmer, matte and baked. The colors are beautiful, peachy- coraly terracotta shades. Perfect for everyday wear. They apply smoothly and blends very nice. Long lasting as well. 
they come in a black glossy palette, same as eyeshadow palettes. Inside there is a huge mirror. Palette is lightweight and travel friendly. 
As for pigmentation, some are more pigmented than other.

Swatches All Shades

They don't have names so lets just number then form 1 to 4 in the top row and again form 1 to 4 in the bottom row.

Swatches Top Row

Shade 1  (close to left) ~  one of the most pigmented in the palette. our first shimmer int he palette. Its orange with brown undertones.

Shade 2 ~ our first matte shade, its not as much pigmented as other one, but it will do. It is a peachy-pink more on a pink side. One of my favorites in the palette.

Shade 3 ~ it is pink. It doesn't show quite well but it is more on a bright side. One of few with nice pigmentation. I really like this one as well. And that is a shimmer.

Shade 4 ~  our first baked. This is your perfect highlight. Frosty white with peach sheen. It is gorgeous!

Swatches Bottom Row

SHade 1 ~ this is beautiful. Really really pigmented. Bright orange with glitter.

Shade 2 ~  Another matte in the palette. Pretty nice pigmented Swatches and applies better then 2nd shade form top row (also Matte). This is more on a peachy side. The other one was more pinkier.

Shade 3~ pretty peachy pink color. Its have a shimmer finish. but don't worry no glitter visible. Perfect for every day.

Shade 4 ~ pretty super peachy highlighter / blusher.

Overall I think this is a great palette. Really good pigmentation (asde of 1 shade). great colors. You get 8 blushes at very low coast, which is always a plus. I been enjoying this palette a lot. I wish MUR could name their shades and maybe did something different with packaging? Add some colors or design to it, so all are not same ? You know what I mean? I actually keep them all in their original boxes so I know which palette is what. Just a side note though.

Really looking forward trying out more of their products. I have two more palettes to review. SO hopefully they will be up next week.

The blush palette you can get form Ulta, and Makeup Revolution Webstites
Price  $10


  1. Have it, and like it too! Started following u g+, Makeup_with_bella :-*

  2. Have it, and like it too! Started following u g+, Makeup_with_bella :-*

  3. I've heard about this palette, looks lovely

  4. I adore their eyeshadow palettes so it's no surprise this one is a gem! xx

    Jasmine ||

  5. I have this palette and I just love it. It's just amazing for the price, and the packaging is lovely xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. MUR have great products, especially considering the price! This is a great blush palette! You should try the eyeshadow palettes and highlighters from them :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  7. Great swatches. they really have pigmented palettes <3

  8. I love Makeup Revolution blushes, they last all day on me which is something no other, even most expensive blush, ever did. I have the All about Pink version and it's just gorgeous :) x


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