MBA ~ My Beauty Addiction Cosmetics Review #1

My Beauty Addiction or in short MBA is an Etsy store that I been following on Instagram for a while now. I actually discover it from Maria (agapelovegirl ), she is social media director for MBA and I love the looks she creates.. with their products. 
Last year MBA was looking for new promoters, who could share their products on social medias. After talking with Maria, I finally gave a shot and here I am reviewing for you my first babies. 

Ok so let's jump into me showing off my new babies.

Press Eyeshadow ~ Angel Kiss 
This is the most beautiful shadow I own. Beautiful light warm pink with gold glitter specks. 
Perfect all over lid shade. I just add a darker matte shade into crease, and with pop of color on the bottom. I actually used a lot of Too Faced Joy to The Girls palette. I used 3 shades form that palette and along with Angel Kiss the eye look came out really pretty.
Also I did use it with various palettes and single shadows I have in my collection. I really been loving this shade! it so me.

HD Lip Paint ~ VINTAGE
Seriously! this lipsticks is amazing!  Cool mauve with gryish undertones. Its really creamy and pigmented! Color is really intense and it have semi matte finish. It is also a very very long lasting. I applied it around 8am in the morinig, then at work I had a coffee. It lasted till my lunch time which is 1.30pm. After that I re apply again and it was there till I got home (7.30pm).

Blush Bouquet ~ Pretty In Pink 
This blush is beyond beautiful. First off its a freaking rose! And it is prefect! It is packaged in black matte compact. There is nothing on the lid. On the back you can find name and ingredients. Inside once you open you see the most beautiful rose ever. Colorful rose. Contain three shades: pink (blush), light brown (bronzer) and cream (highlight). Once you swirl them all you get this gorgeous pinky-bronzy blush color. There is also mirror inside which is always a plus.

Illuminator ~ Golden Glow
 We all know I am crazy when it comes to highlights. I just want them all. This is so pretty! Honey golden gives beautiful sheen to my cheekbones. The texture is butter soft and blends like a dream.  This is my second highlight that I wore the most in a past month. Also I saw on MBA Instagram age that it is a prefect dupe for Mary Lou form The Balm. I don't own Mary Lou so I cant compare them, but I will link the picture or I will just add it here.

Overall I am really impressed with MBA Cosmetics! Holy Cow! All 4 products are beyond amazing and super affordable! Yes you heard me right!
I will link all the prices and their website below :)
I already got my second package, yay! so I will be posting again by the end of the month or beginning in March. I am already excited for new goodies!

Angel Kiss Eye shadow ~ $4.50
HD Lip Paint Vintage  ~ $7.50
Blush Bouquet Pretty in Pink ~ $14.50
Illuminator Golden GLow ~ $8.00
MBA Cosmetics 


  1. This eyeshadow seems like very good stuff for blondie girls :). Everything so lovely :D

  2. Róż jest bardzo fotogeniczny :) Bardzo podoba mi się również pomadka x


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