The Matte Official ~ review

If you do your makeup in a bathroom and hate when it rolls in the sink or just falls off, well I have something for you! The Matte is your answer. 
The matte is fold up matte that you put over your sick to create more counter space. Especially in a tiny bathrooms. makes such a difference while getting ready. It can also be use on a vanity. 
Why I love The Matte? It is such a lifesaver whenever I have a sleepover at my friend house. She don't have a vanity and every time I go there and I have to put on my "face" I do it in a bathroom. And her bathroom and sink are tiny! Imagine how I must struggle to organize my makeup. last time when I was over at her house I brought Matte with me. And I am telling you such a big difference in doing my makeup. 
I unfold matte across the sink and I simply pulled out all my makeup. It fitted perfectly and I nothing fall off. Matte is very well made. it can hold so many products: makeup, dryers and other hair stuff. 
I can't imagine my sleepover without it, or even traveling !
it fold to a size of a tablet and it comes with a travel bag (well my does). Won't take much space in a suitcase either. 
I think it can be a great fit for anyone who have a tiny bathrooms with limited sink space or who travels a lot. 
You can get yours at Matte Offical Website and Ricky's NYC

* This product was sent to me by The Matte Official for review. All thoughts are my own. 


  1. Mata jest świetna, na pewno przyda się niejednej kobiecie :)

  2. Super sprawa, mimo tego, ze mam toaletkę taka mata bardzo by się przydała :)

  3. Smart idea, you can create a space you need in a moment :-)

  4. Wow what a gorgeous palette! But the Matte is a pretty cool concept too.


  5. Taki prosty pomysł! Super pomocna rzecz!


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