Clarins ~ Colour Accent Face and Blush Powder

When I first saw it I thought of doing  a weekly blog series focusing on High End Beauty.
I will try to post every Sunday high end beauty product from now on.
I think all my high end beauty products deserve posts on their own, just like this gorgeous Clarins face and blush powder.
I recived this blushingpowder for
On their website you can find tons of makeup and skin care products Brands like Dior, Clarins, Guerlain, Lancome and more. All available at very great prices as well. 100% authentic 

Clarins ~ Colour Accent Face and Blush powder was released in 2012 in a Fall Collection. it comes in a gold packaging,that you need to be careful with. It loves your fingerprints :) I be honest I was kinda disappointed with the idea of just plain gold package Why not red? It could match a box and I could look better in my opinion. But oh well that can do it too :) We do care for the product right ? not the packaging :) But just hate when it gets the fingerprints all over :( what I love on the other hand is that red velvet pouch. Now that screams High End to me :) That beautiful pouch makes up for the plain packaging :)

When you open it  ( magnetic closure FYI) you can see the magic in a pan :) Love at forst sight. 
Four shades in fun geometric design Kinda reminds me of Burberry . righ? What Really stands out are the two pink stripes :)

There is no shimmer to the shades. They are matte but they do feel like satin matte. 
Three colors starting form light beige to brozny beige are design to brighten and even out the complexion.
Fourth shade Pink  is perfect as a blush.
Swirl them all and you get an all over face  powder (only if applied light hand)
I personally use it as a bronzer to warm up my face.
I had trouble getting only pink on my brush tho. Stripes are just so thin. I always get some beige on the brush and instead of pink I get peachy blush. Which is not bad :) 

Over all I been really enjoying this powder. At first I couldn't bring myself and swatch it It was just too prefect. 
I just want to say it, This is an Limited Edition product. There are few of us who like to collect LE products so I tell you check WeMakeBeauty web and you can find few gems in there including this powder form Clarins :) 
Go and thank me later :) 

Price: $39.95 on We MakeBeauty

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