Dr.Brandt Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water ~ Review

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Hi Beauties!
I am super excited for this post! I will be talking about Dr.Brandt Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water. Yes I know such a long name. But anyways, I am so happy to finally try famous Dr.Brandt skin care! I swear I see it everywhere, youtube, Instagram and other blogs. I really don't need to introduce the brand to you, I bet you know it already.

Dr.Brandt Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water:
* removes oil, impurities and makeup residue
* gently and effectively removes even waterproof makeup
* help support skin's  natural defense system against free radicals and external aggressors
* leaves skin purified and revitalized.

Dr.Brandt Xtend Your Youth Dual Fusion Water have been my 'go to' makeup remover for past weeks.Well alongside with my L'occitane cleansing oil. I been switching between both and OMG both are amazing. Love them!
The 2 in 1 antioxidant micellar water, traps oil and removes makeup residue. 
Anyways micellar waters are great solution for removing makeup altogether. Fast and easy. 
This is not my first micellar water I ever use, but it is one of the best if not the best. Some can irritate your skin and most importantly your eyes. I know it happen to many of us. I hate when makeup remover gets into your eyes and they burn like crazy, even though it says: gentle on eyes... No!
But this Xtend dual Fusion water is amazing! I removed my eye makeup with it and it did not irritate my eyes! It is really gentle on eyes and skin. Removes makeup fantastically!When to remove my eye makeup I just soak a bit  a cotton round and just press onto my eyes and hold it for about a minute and then padded off. Mascara melts off and it removes with ease. ame with eyeshadow. Same with my face. Removes all makeup in two cotton rounds. Leave my skin clean and refreshed. It didn't break me out either. 
It is fragrance free and dermatology and safe for people with contact lenses. 
Non sticky and non greasy. 
The only thing is I don't know on how good it is when it comes to waterproof mascara. Since I don't us them quite often, It works great with regular mascara tho. 

Also did you know you can use it as a toner? Yes, your can! 
After removing my makeup, I still use a facial cleanser no matter how good makeup remover is. I pour a bit onto cotton round and padded allover my skin, then follow with moisturizer. It works great with all my skin care and I say it is a must have for me!

Definitely  give it a try! I hope you will be as happy as I am:) 

You can purchase at your local Sephora, Sephora Online, Dr.Brandt online and Macy's. 
Price: $32 (6.7 fl oz - 200ml)

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  1. I've tried Youth dual fusion water from Avon and it didn't tick my boxes at all, maybe it's time to try something better :) thanks for sharing X X



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