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Hello Beauties!

Let's talk lip balms :) They all were send to me by the brand Epic Blend long time ago. I wanted to write the review in January but well life happens. 
Epic Blend is a Canadian based company. They were kind enough and send me few of their lip balms to try. 
Lip balms overall are my must haves. No matter if its winter or summer I use them quite often. 
My daughter and I we always carry one with us .. all the time and we do use them on a daily basis. 
In the winter time my daughter ips get dry so bad and they cracked. I always tell her to keep them moisturized. She loves lip balms she have few that she really likes and switch between them. 

Epic Blend have 3 categories of lip balms : Hemp, Vegan and Moisture.
They do have a bunch of flavors to choose from in each category. 

They not only smell and taste, yes taste good but  they actually work pretty well! Glide on smoothly and boy, they do feel moisturizing! They don't feel sticky. 
They are gluten free, paraben free, cruelty free, petroleum free. They are vegan and made with natural ingredients. 
The packaging is your basic lip balm tube. Nothing special. 

Now let's go into each category:
* HEMP Lip Balm ~ made with organic hemp seed oil, which is great antioxidant, nursing and quickly absorbs deep into skin cells.
form this line I have : Blueberry, Banana, Root Beer, Raspberry-Pomegranate. 

* VEGAN lip balm ~ 100% plant based and beeswax free. Made with all natural food grade Candelilla wax, which give lip balms smooth texture.
From this line I have : Chocolate and Peach.

* MORE MOISTURE lip balm ~ includes seven moisturizes, includes organic shea butter, which give extra kick of moisture and boost staying power.
From this line I have : Cherry and Grape.

Overall  I am impressed with them. Haven't try all yet, but the ones I did they are truly amazing. Keep my lips nice and moisturized. They did help me and my daughter's lips survive harsh winter.

If you are interested, you can purchase them form Epic Blend Website.
Price: $3.49 CAD.

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