Burt's Bees ~ BB Cream, Lip Balms and Lipsticks ~ Review + Swatches

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Hi Beauties!

Today I have Burt's Bees Makeup review :) All the products were send to me by Ricky's Blogger Box.
Now to be honest I never tried any Burt's Bees products. I only hear or saw them at my local drugstores.
When I saw Burt's Bees Lipsticks and BB cream I screamed!

LIPSTICKS ~ There is 14 permanent shades in a line. Made with natural ingredients and the color selection is amazing! They feel really moisturizing, soften and condition lips all day long all because of their natural formula including beeswax, Moringa Oil and raspberry Seed Oil. They have satin finish. The feel like a lip balm and yet you get a full coverage on your lips :) They are creamy and feel lightweight. Perfect for everyday wear. The packaging is super cute ! lightweight and the cap reminds me of a beehive :) each cap shows the lippie color hidden inside :) the only thing is, you need to be careful because lipstick don't hid all the way... some it still out so you need to be careful when pulling and putting the cap back on . Another things is it really gives me hard to twisting up the lipstick... Hope they can improve it .
I got 7 beautiful shade to try and OMG yes Monica love them and now she need to complete collection and get reaming 7. Don't ask I am weird like that I need to have all possible colors they are other wise I cant sleep. I really really been loving them :)
* Suede Splash #502 ~ medium brownish mauve
* Sunset Cruise #523 ~ medium coral shade 
* Fuchsia Flood #512 ~ pretty pink 
* Iced Iris #510 ~ light bubble gum pink. looks a bit sheer on the lips tho.
* Brimming Berry #514 ~ red with brown undertones 
* Russet River ~  vampy brown with red undertones 
* Ruby Ripple #521 ~ medium dark red 

Available at Ricky's NYC 
Price $8.99 each 

BB Creams ~ I love BB and CC creams! i always use them summer time when I don't' need much and heavy coverage. Burt's Bees BB Cream 9 in 1 multi-tasking formula with Board Spectrum SPF 15 enhances your skin's natural beauty instantly. This unique natural formula moisturizes, firms skin, evens skin tone, reduces appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, conceals, illuminates, perfects skin and makes it look more beautiful. BB Cream is formulated with natural mineral pigments to give a beautiful natural glow. 
BB cream comes in a squeezable tube. Available in 3 shades Light, Light/Medium, Dark. Really hope that they will come out with bigger color range. I use Light and Light/Medium. I mix both of them to suit my complexion more. It provides light to medium coverage which I like when it comes to BB and CC creams. Feels like a moisturizer when applied. Non greasy. I like to set it with a powder after :) I am really happy that it contains SPF and I am excited to start using it more once weather gets warmer. It makes a perfect pair with my Osmosis Pressed Base :)

Price : $14.99 each

Tinted Lip Balms ~ lip balms are such a must have for me. Especially for my daughter, she gets her lips really chapped during winter. I been loving Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balms :) not only they soften and moisturize lips but also give a hint of color :) Love them! especially since I tend to wear super drying lipsticks this is a must have. They do also smell amazing :) I got my in shades : Red Dahlia, Sweet Violet and Zinnia (which my daughter took ).
Price : $6.99
All Lipsticks, BB Creams and Tinted Lip Balms Can be purchase at Ricky's NYC.
Looking forward to try more of famous Burt's Bees products :) 


  1. szmineczki jak najbardziej mają piękne kolorki i każdą chętnie widziałabym u siebie :)


  2. Nie spotkałam tych produktów w Polsce, ale moja przyjaciółka mieszka w UK i uwielbia te balsamy do ust :) jak ją kiedyś odwiedzę, to sobie zakupię! te kolorowe pomadki i kremy bb też mnie zaciekawiły :)

  3. Mam tylko ochronne pomadki z Burt's Bees, ale kolorówkę tez mają ciekawą :)

  4. I did not even know Burts Bees had BB creme! I love their lippies!

  5. Nie spotkałam się jeszcze z tymi pomadkami, świetne odcienie mają :)

  6. Ja z burts bees miałam kiedyś pomadkę pielęgnacyjną mango:)

  7. Iced iris podoba mi się bardzo:)


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