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Hi Beauties!

Today I want to introduce you to Madam Glam, based in NYC, company offers a salon quality nail polishes and gels. They are cruelty free ( no animal testing) and their nail polishes are 5 free. That means they are free of 5 toxic and harmful ingredients. 
I own 7 nail polishes and 1 Gel polish. I tried all 7, but I didn't have a chance to try gel one yet. 
What can I say about nail polishes? I really like them! They are creamy and opaque in one coat! I do put two coats ... always. Formula is excellent. Plus they last on my nails for almost a week! 
The brush is wide and applies polish really good. They do dry fast as well.  
the color rage is amazing! I really had a hard time choosing shades I wanted to try. There is few more I am dying to own :) 
Now onto colors I have and I swatch for you.

Pretty As Hell ~ Baby pink with with tiny black and white particles.  I applied two coats. It is a fun polish, but I am pretty sure that one coat over a white base would look awesome! So I will try that next time. When I applied tow coats the black particles didn't look nice too me. That's why I think I will try to work it over w white base and see how it will look. 

Hot & Spicy ~ Hot pink. Creme formula. Applies nice but once it dries there is no glossy finish like with other shades.Smooth application and opaque in one coat. One of my favorites. Perfect for spring :)

Caribbean Island ~ another of my favorites. This color is your prefect summer color. And as you can see I love to wear it along with Hot & Spicy. Bright mint . Looked streaky when I first applied but with the second coat looks beautiful ! If you ever planning to order get this one! 

Vintage Girl ~ Dusty Lilac. Inspired by romantic era. I found myself reaching a lot for this shade. It goes with any outfit. I used two coats. This another one of my favorites. Definitely everyday shades.

Endless Passion ~ Deep sexy red. I would say more of a raspberry red. Pretty shade , but I have a trouble applying it. It was dragging and I wasn't happy with  finished effect. Although I really love the color, the formula on this one was a bit off. 

Blue Is the One ~ Beautiful dark shimmer blue. OMG this polish is just gorgeous! Looks like a galaxy on my nails. So shimmer and I only needed two coats. This one is my number one favorite. 

Not Ashamed ~ Dark glitter teal. I actually thought it will be similar to Blue Is The one, but well i was disappointed. Black base with teal micro glitter. I do like the color but it is not as shimmery as the blue one and well this one have a kinda sandy finish. I am not fun of sand texture lacquers. 

Not Ashamed and Blue is the one

Over all I really been enjoying Madam Glam polishes. Like I said color rage is amazing and the color pay off even better. they do last a really long time with no chipping. Impressed with them :) Definitely looking forward to try more :)

You can check their website : Madam Glam.
Price : $10.95


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