Washington DC ~ Cherry Blossoms Festival 2016


I been planing to put this post up last week but didn't have enough time to fix the pics.
Anyways Easter Sunday we took unplanned trip to DC. Its was a time when famous Cherry Blossom trees were blooming so we decided to go and see it.
This was my first time in a Capital. We drove past once on our way to Virginia few years ago. Washington is beautiful! I really wish we could have some more time to do a bit more of sightseeing. 
The thisng is when we went the weather was not good.It was cold, gloomy and windy. We didn't do much walking. My Sophia was complaining that she was bored and she wanted to go back to the car, same my mother in law she does have  knee problem and she cant walk a lot). 
Once we got the car we had a lunch and drove to see White House.Unfortunately there was no parking and after driving 1.5 h in circle we decided to go home. So I guess once my parent get to visit me we will definitely go back. The drive is round 4h form NYC. 
Here is some pics :)
BTW there will be a post from Times Square. I just have to edit my pics :)


  1. Szkoda, że na taką kiepską pogodę trafiliście, ale drzewka piękne:)

    1. moze nastepnym razem bedzie lepsza :)

  2. Kwiaty wiśni są przepiękne :) Szkoda że wycieczka nie była do końca udana ale mimo to fajnie, że mieliście okazję troszkę pozwiedzać.
    ps. ale masz długie włosy :>


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