Give your Mom a gift of Luxury ~ Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Hello Beauties!

Mother's Day is right around the corner and I have a little gift ideas for you. 
Gift of luxury ~ give your Mom beautifully smelling perfumes captured in a gorgeous bottles.
High end makeup and Perfumes are the right gifts. I know my mom would be happy with any of it. 
She loves perfumes. And as for makeup she aint super duper junkie like me so by giving her a YSL or even Dior Lipstick will make her happy :) 
Here is few ideas that I got shipping around All mentioned products can be purchase from their website. Will link all to make your shopping easier :)


Chloe ~ ever since I saw the gorgeous display at Macy's years ago I was be-spelled. I know  I took a pic but can't find it :( Sorry. Display was simply stunning! crystal and gold and the best part was chandelier form which thousands tiny Chloe perfume bottles were hanging. Can you imagine! Chloe for me is one of the luxurious perfumes. Captured in a gorgeous square bottle with a bow. Just looking at the bottle you say Luxury :) Love the powdery floral scent of perfumes, light, seductive and fresh. The scent wears really well, Last all day and I can still smell it the next :) Chloe might be choice for younger girls but I am sure any Mom would appreciate it, especially when it comes in a gorgeous gift set! 
Beautiful beige tin with golden rims and detailing. On the surface you can see a carousel with Chloe in the center and four mini on the poles :) Beautiful!
Inside you get Chloe Eau De Perfume, Body Lotion (100ml) and mini Chloe.

Top:  Peony, Lychee, Freesia 
Heart:  Rose, Magnolia, Muguet 
Base:  Amber , Cedar 

Shop Chloe here.

FlowerBomb ~ V & R

Another classic! I been wanting them for a quite a while. Flowerbomb is a must have for sure and it makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Just like the name suggest its a explosion of flowers :) Feminine and classy. I was hooked form the first spray. It opens by strong but refreshing notes of tea and bergamot.  then its time for more flower notes of Jasmine, Freesia and Orchid. The dry down is musky patchouli and ambery-vanilla trace, oriental scent. 
The bottle was design to look like an actual bomb :) a diamond grenade. I really like the look of the bottle. And the box it came with, Pink with back ribbons and flower :) Looks beautiful!
This will make another great gift for Mom. 

Top: Bergamot, tea
Heart: Jasmine, Freesia, Orchid
Base: Patchouli Centiflora Rose

Shop V&R here.

Do you have any of the fragrances?
xo xo Monica


  1. Perfumy to zawsze dobry upominek dla mamy. Ja swojej czesto z okazji Dnia Matki kupuję torebki :-)

  2. Perfumy to zawsze dobry upominek dla mamy. Ja swojej czesto z okazji Dnia Matki kupuję torebki :-)

  3. I love love love Flowerbomb! It's one of my all time favourites xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Flowerbom <3 yummy! love this scent <3

  5. Flowerbomb nie wąchałam, ale Chloe są nie dla mnie. Mojej mamie kupiłam zestaw 2 zapachów z Zary: Femme oraz Black Amber, który jest moim ulubieńcem :)


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