Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick ~ Radiant

I don't have enough $$$ to splurge on Bobbi Brown Bricks, which are on my wishlist. But I found alternative product. Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick. I have my in Radiant, which is a perfect match for light skin gal like myself.

Shimmer Strips are housed in black square plastic packaging. Lid is clear so you can see the color of the brick. The edges of the package are bit sharp so be careful. The packaging feels sturdy and and the lid closure is not bad. I don't think it will pop open in makeup bag and gives me a heart attack.

There is a total of 5 shimmer strips. They can be use as bronzers and highlights and even eye shadow. Yes that little brick is very versatile. You can use them separately or swirl them together to achieve ultimate glow.


The texture is really good. Powder is finely milled and pigmented. Champagne golden shimmers make a very decent highlight. 

* soft gold
* soft pink
* coppery bronze
* champagne
* deep coppery bronze 

I know there is one more shimmer brick. Hopefully soon I can get my hands on it. Rose Gold shimmer brick is deeper and darker then this one and it will look gorgeous on dark skin gals and it would make a beautiful eye makeup. 

As you can tell I love MUR. Their products are amazing and very affordable. 

Shimmer Brick available on MUR US Website and Ulta.
Price $ 7


  1. Hello :)
    This looks so pretty colors :)
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  2. This looks so pretty and quite well pigmented. I bet it'll be gorgeous for a summer glow. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK


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