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Hi Beauties!

Hair Care review this time for a great drugstore products that work well and are super affordable. I am taking about NYM ~ Not Your Mother's Brand. I got send three products to review and share my thoughts with all of you.
 I been really enjoying all three.. but I must admit I am running low on one :( 
I will say I am not really good with hair, but there is a few products that are a must and I have to have them no matter what. De-tangling spray, Dry shampoo and Heat protector are one of them. 

knotty to Nice ~ Detangling Spray  ~ love this stuff. one of the best detangling sprays on the market. I use it on my and my daughter's hair. Her hair is straight at the top and curly at the bottom. Sometimes when she play and sweats her hair gets tangle and it really hard to brush. That cause crying and screaming. But since we been using this one crying stops. I just spray it on the knots and start brushing, Brush off within minutes and my daughter is good to go. As for me I do it twice before and after washing my hair. Wonder why before? Because each time I am bout to wash my hair I brush them, so they are easy to wash and then brush. My hair gets really really dry once I get water on them., Without conditioner and DeTagler spray I am pretty sure I would pull half off my head. For me is always before and after. This spray helps me so much with my hair routine. I will definitely be picking up more once I run out. Plus did I mention it smells divine.

Dry Shampoo ~ dry shampoos are my holy grail products. I always have backups of backups. I just can't leave without them. I don't wash my hair everyday.First off I don't have time to do it daily, second it takes time. My hair are too long. I usually do it every 2-3 days. On the days that my hair are down or feel greasy I have my rescue team :) My dry shampoo. I just lift my hair a bit and spay onto my roots and then all hair. Hair looks better. It also loft my hair and don't weight them down. I have unscented one, but definitely will be getting the scented version. This one is in my Top 3 the best dry shampoo. 

Beat the Heat ~ Thermal Shield Spray ~  for some one who uses hot tools every day this is a must have. I used to use Matrix one ...long time ago and I remember I couldn't live without it. And since I can't get it anymore I was on the hunt for a good thermal spray. i tried few and I was not happy with the results. NYM thermal spray is better then the other I tried with no doubt. it protects my hair and it don't make them sticky. That was the problem with other the stickiness. I hate it. With NYM I didn't notice that. I used it mostly when I use a flat iron. I divide my hair and spray each layer. It works great and after brushing it my hair feels soft and straight :) 

I am really impressed with this brand. I actually see a very large selection at drugstore but somehow I never really tried any of it. I hear a lot of people talks about Sea Salt Spray so It will be defiantly on my wish list to try in  near future.
How about you ? did you try this brand before? what would you recommend?   

All mentioned products can be found at any drugstore : CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens Target, Ulta.


  1. Suche szampony,to naprawdę świetny wynalazek. Czasami dosłownie ratują skórę :)

  2. Ja znam dobrze Batiste, ale jakoś średnio do nich podchodzę, bo są mało wydajne niestety ;)


  3. This is one of my go to brands! I love the Dry Shampoo and the Beach Babe spray...especially during the summer!

  4. Suche szampony zawsze jak dla mnie są przydatne, gdy chcę na szybko odświeżyć włosy :)

  5. U nas w PL nie ma tych kosmetyków, ale podobają mi się opakowania, wyglądają bardzo obiecująco! :)

  6. Nie znam. Jeden mnie zniechęcił i nie chce próbować innych :(

  7. Love the packaging of these lovely products, Monica! Have an awesome week, babe! xoxo

  8. New collection thank you
    To me new post

  9. Dry shampoo is my life saver!
    I get greasy hair after one day, so it always helps me to feel... fresh?


  10. The 'Knotty to Nice' product sounds so useful - I've found a protein spray is really great for detangling too, however it can be quite pricey! Thanks for the suggestion :)


  11. great post! :)


  12. Detangling Sprays are useful and this brand seems to work very well. Great review!

  13. pierwszy raz o nich słyszę!

  14. Bardzo lubię suche szampony:) czasami bardzo się przydają:)


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