Sinful Colors Kylie ~ Denim & Bling Collection ~ "Krop Top"

Hi Loves!

Kylie is literally everywhere. If you didn't get you hands on her famous lip kits, then try to hunt down her newest nail polish collection with Sinful Colors. 
There are 3 collections:
* The Trend Matter ~ Velvet Matte (available Walgreens)
* The Trend Matters ~ Satin Mattes ( available Target)
* Denim and Bling ~ ( available Target, however I purchased my at Duane Reade).
Price : $3

The shade I bought is Krop Top. Its form Denim & Bling Collection, which is a new collection launched for Summer 2016. There is 20shades in collection with different finishes: glitter, shimmer, metallic all inspired by denim, 

Krop Top is a pretty glittery textured pink shade, ( I don't know why it looks more red on the pictures) I applied two coats, but you could get away with one :) It is pretty opaque. It dries down completely matte and the texture is not as annoying as I thought it would be,
Here are swatches :)

Close up .. Just look at all that glitter and sparkles :)


  1. Śliczny kolorek!:)
    Zapraszam do obserwacji naszego bloga!

  2. Uwielbiam takie błyszczące lakiery:)

  3. Odcień totalnie nie dla mnie ale efekt bardzo ładny :)
    Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do siebie, buziak!

  4. Bardzo lubię brokatowe lakiery do paznokci i kolorek też ładny :)


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