Abba " Curl Prep" and Color WOW "Pop and Lock" ~ my solution for curly hair

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Hi Loves!

Summer is almost here and with that my curly hair season is coming back. I like to leave my hair natural during warmer months and use less hot tools. 
After washing I usually leave my hair to air dry. My natural hair is wavy/curly. And I be honest I hate it. I hate when they tangle and then I have problem brushing it. But I get lazy too so I just leave them as they are. I have never really used anything to make my hair more curly.

But then I found this product but ABBA Pure Performance Hair Care "Curl Prep" spray  in my Ricky's Blogger box. First off  have never heard of the company. But I love to try products new to me :) Curl Prep Spray uses nature's bounty to create shape and add life to dehydrated,naturally curly hair. lemongrass and orange peel oil works together to create high performing product. All you do is mist it evenly onto damp hair. It made my hair more curly than before! I actually love how they look. Plus they do look healthy and hydrated. The blend of lemongrass and orange creates a nice refreshing scent! Love IT! I use it everyday! After I splash my hair with a bit of water, then I separate them and once they look ready I spry the Curl Prep. My curls and me are ready to go :) Definitely recommend this to all of you with curly hair :) 
 You can purchase it at Abba website and Ricky's. 
Price: $20 , $17.99

Another awesome product  found in Ricky's Box was Color WOW Pop and Lock. At first I was thinking that this will be my least used product. I was looking at the bottle for a qute sometime and trying to figure what to do with it ...  I put it aside and let it wait. Than  while I was cleaning I discovered it all over again and this time I said to myself I need to give it a try :) And OMG I love it! this give such a nice shine to my hair! wow! they don't look greasy or whatsoever. they look glossy and shiny! Especially my curls! works so good on them. Pop and Lock Shellac lock in color and makes it pop! the lightweight glosser helps seals the cuticle to tap color and moisture and lockout the dryness. A UV filter adds an extra layer of anti-fade protection for color that stays true. Pop & Lock creates a crystal clear matrix that dries to a glossy, mirror like shine that give hair wow factor. Can be use on wet or dry hair. So far I been using it on dry.
 After I spry with ABBA Curl Prep Spray I go over with Color WOW Pop & Lock. 
Love how my curls look healthy and beautiful! definitely my new summer must haves :) 
Color WOW can be purchased at their Website and Ricky's.
Price : $18.99


  1. Podoba mi się ta brokatowa konsystencja, lubię takie. Produktów jednak kompletnie nie znam.

  2. Great post!

    You have a nice blog!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog.

    Have a great day!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  3. your blog is beautiful!! Love post like this !! keep up the great work <3 :D


  4. Kiedyś miałam hopla na punkcie kosmetyków z brokatem :)

  5. O a ja bym chciałabym mieć kręcone wlosy! Te kosmetyki chyba nie są dostępne w Polsce.

  6. O a ja bym chciałabym mieć kręcone wlosy! Te kosmetyki chyba nie są dostępne w Polsce.


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