Color Kill Liquid Lipsticks ~ Swatches + Review

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HI loves!

I been wanting to write about Color Kill Liquid Lipstick forever. I was actually holding it off coz I didn't have the whole collection. What is with me and the fact that I need to have every single color? I dunno, but well it is nice to have all right?  At the beginning I was send only 4 shades. Then company launched 2 additional shades, which I was send as well. And after that they were kind enough and send me over 3 reaming shades. So now I have the whole collection and I am one happiest girl!
First off these lipsticks are the BOMB! They come in the cutest box ever! When you stack at least 4 together they create a picture of a Pixie ( that's how my daughter call it ). And that actually a sleeve for a actual packaging which is pink.

The actual liquid lipstick is closed in a frosted tube. The tube is see through and on it you can see a company name Color Kill. The cap is red and on the top there is company logo. Super simple and super pretty.
The applicator is flat which allows  a smooth application. It is on a bigger side but I personally like it and I find it really easy to work with.
Now the formula of the lipstick is thick and not runny.Texture is super easy to work with and applies nicely and even. Opaque in one swipe so there is no need to dip the applicator again.
They mega matte lipsticks, that means they are super matte and drying. Not crazy crazy drying but they do dry my lips.
They are waterproof and they stay on while eating. Just please don't eat much of greasy food or they will come off.
The colors are gorgeous and unique. We have every day nudes, pinks, red and stunning purple. Plus the new two shades that a more of a metallic matte finish which I am obsessed with. Shades are true to color.
They wear all day and they don't flake. they are transfer proof. I would let them sit on the lips for about 10 min until they complete dry.
The only way to take them off is to use oil based makeup remover or olive oil.

They are cruelty free and vegan.
You can purchase them only online. Company ships worldwide.
Price: $15.95

Now the shades I have :
 * Playmate ~ muted soft taupe brown, peachy-beige undertones
* Lotus Petal ~ earthy red wine with warm undertones.
* Pink Gumballs ~ light medium pink with cool undertones
* Carnival ~ medium pink with blue undertones
* Sweet Salmon ~ hot vibrant coral pink
* Indie Red ~ deep red with cool undertones
* Love Thing ~ deep purple with red-pink undertones

and the new two shades are:
* Occult ~ a plumy gunmetal.
* Ruby Bling ~ vivid dark ruby red with a sheen of pearl pigment.

Also both of the new lipsticks comes with new Pixie packaging. This one is more goth looking and she rocks! just like the new shades.

Cant wait too see more of Color Kill and see what kinda sheds they will introduce to us :)
To purchase check their website --> here.
for more pics and more swatches check their IG ---> here.

Now which is shade did you like the most?


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