Mirrored Vanity/Perfume Tray

Hi loves!

Ok so I been on a hunt for a nice mirrored perfume try. I really one so bad but for the love of God I can't find it. Once while shopping at Jack's World ( store located in Manhattan ) I came across this cute tray. This is not what I was looking for but I bought it anyways. 
Its mirrored silver try. Heavy and it have a nice design inside of it. Diamond heart and inside a girl with shopping bags. I actually found it so cute and decided to get it. Plus the price was really good ($5.99) and also I bought matching mirrored jewelry box. Right now its empty...
anyways back to the tray.

I putted my on my vanity and I put my favorite perfume inside. The perfumes will rotate depends what I am in the mood for the week. Right now I put Ari, Chloe, Flowerbomb and Bright Crystal.

What do you girls think?


  1. Pięknie się te perfumy prezentują! :)

  2. Ale śliczna ta tacka na perfumy, aż żal zasłaniać hehe :)


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