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Hi Loves!

As some of you know I am obsessed with coffee scrubs! I dd try few out already and I love each of them so much!
Few weeks ago I go this amazing scrub form company called Scrub Love, which is based in UK.
I was excited once they contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try their scrub. I said yes immediately and Hannah was so nice and send over one :)

I am a coffee junkie. I love coffee and anything coffee flavored. Coffee and Sugar scrubs are amazing and they do wonder to your skin :) 

Scrub is made with 100% natural ingredients:
* roast organic coffee ~ buffs away skin's dead cells without damaging delicate skin. 
* Pink Rock Salt ~ pink Himalayan rock salt is a natural antiseptic. Helps reduce inflammation as it scrubs away dead skin cells
*  Sweet Almond Oil ~ is a natural hypo-allergenic, so it is safe for all skin types. the naturally high levels of vitamin A, B and D helps seal moisture and even skin tone.
* Vitamin E ~ helps to reduce appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
* Sweet Orange oil and Vitamin C ~  this natural anti-inflammatory and detoxifier will reduce red spots and nourish the skin. Vitamin C helps brighten skin.
* Organic Orange Peel ~ antioxidant and citric acid brightens and even skin tone. 

Sounds great huh? I tell you after using it for first time you will notice difference in your skin. You simply rub it onto your skin and face. Leave for fe minutes and then rinse it off. I know it makes mess, but that little guy is totally worth it! Love how soft and tighter my skin feels:)
Scrub will also help you with stretch marks, cellulite and acne scars :) 

They are cruelty free and free of any harmful ingredients. 

You can shop for it on ScrubLove.Com 
they have few "flavors" to choose from ::)


  1. Sounds lovely, I love a good body scrub, but don't usually use them on my face ;)

    Thirteen Thoughts

  2. Nie pogardziłabym takim scrubem :)

  3. Również jestem kawomaniaczką ;)

  4. Chcę! Fajnie się prezentuje i super, że cruelty free! :))))

  5. Z chęcią bym wypróbowała, zwłaszcza jak kawowy :)

  6. My mother actually makes a coffee scrub and I need to try it!


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