Grpless Beauty ~ finger sponge that makes applying makeup easier

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Hi Loves!

I been wanting to write this post a while ago and as always time took advantage of me. 
This is really fun product I received few months ago. 
It is a multi-functional makeup sponge that allows you to multi task while applying makeup. 
fun and really easy to use and it is really useful for me.  
Comes in 2 shapes and sizes. I really like the small tear drop, it allows me to blend my concealer with ease!

How to use it: attached to your finger. It comes with straps that helps you secure the sponge. it gives a control while applying and blending makeup. I actually like that you don't have to hold it. Hence the name "gripless". 

So no more messy fingers. Sponge is Eco-friendly and back PU leather is waterproof. I really like the tear drop shaped ones. Like I said the small I use for concealer and I been using it a  lot. and the bigger one I blend foundation with. 

Check their Website~ Gripless Beauty for more info. 

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  1. such a simple yet thoughtful twist to the classic beauty sponges. x


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