Marc Jacobs Beauty ~ Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator ~ Spotlight

Hi Loves!

I am so big on highlighter.  I'm telling you the obsession is real. Recently Glow Stick by Marc Jacobs joined my highlight family. And I am in love! 

Highlight comes in super adorable packaging. this is a cream highlighter. and its my third creme type highlight i own. Before I got PUR minerals strobing creme palettes.  
Highlight is hidden in this deodorant looking, twist up tube. Super easy to use and travel friendly. Marc Jacobs highlight delivers dewy pay off and it makes you achieve an natural looking glow. 

The shade is universal and flatters all skin ones. It is simply gorgeous silvery-gold. Depends on a light it can be silver or light gold. really easy to apply. oval shape of applicator allows for full coverage in one swipe. Blends really nice1 I used fingers or beauty blender. It can be also build up if you need more glow! I applied on top of my foundation and it didn't even smear it off. Foundation stayed untouched! 

I have an oily skin and I  was afraid to even touch creme products. What if they will make me look more oily? I really don't want that.
To  my surprise Marc Jacobs stick didn't . it gave me  nice dewy looking glow. that does not look greasy or oily. 

This is my go to  summer highlight. It last long time up to 6-7h). its creamy and bendable. The only bad about it is the price, $42 might be a bit too much for some of us. the second bad is that there is only one shade available. Maybe there will be more in the future who knows :)

Marc Jacobs Spotlight Illuminator was send to me by Influenster for review.


  1. Interesting product . I did not know him before

  2. Nie umiałabym się nim posługiwać :D

  3. Hahah myslałam na pierwszy rzut oka, że to perfumy.

  4. A to nowość rozświetlacz jak antyperspirant w kremie :D Pęknie wygląda na skórze. Może jakiś makijaż z nim?

  5. This highlighter stick is so so stunning, I need it!

    Sam || Beautydetour

  6. It looks really pretty swatched, but the packaging reminds me of deodorant.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  7. I absolutely love the Glow Stick! Glad it's working for you! Lucky you got it sent to you!


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