Things You Should Know About Cruelty Free Cosmetics

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I hope you guys will find this post a good read. I personally love cruelty free beauty and I been using makeup and beauty products that Cruelty free daily. I mean you can also find some 'non' cruelty free products on my page. It is only because I like some of them and I am on search for cruelty free dupe. 
Without more saying lets jump to post that lovely Zara wrote for me :) 

I don’t know about you, but I began noticing just how much the internet is filled with ‘Faith in Humanity Lost’ and ‘Faith in Humanity Restored’ posts. People from all over the world step out of their way to share heart-warming stories of people helping each other, or chilling stories of cruelties and sadness. I have personally decided long ago that I will do whatever I can to make this world a better place, and that meant cruelty-free approach to life, cosmetics included.

Why do we ignore labels?

I have noticed that people generally look at the label to see who makes the product, the shade of lipstick or eye shadow, or in rare cases the list of ingredients. People who scan the labels and look for ‘cruelty-free’ signs are very rare, and that makes me sad. I remember coming across a photo of a bunny wearing eye shadow and I was appalled! Millions of animals are going through painful and uncomfortable processes so that new makeup can be out on the market. Now, unless a product has the ‘Leaping Bunny Symbol’, I’m not buying it.

What I am using

After a very extensive and thorough research, I have settled with a few brands that I like; their policies are transparent and are always cruelty-free. I love beautiful fruit-pigmented eye shadow from 100% Pure, while concealer and lipsticks I get mostly from Nyx cosmetics. ‘Cruelty-free makeup brushes’ means that they are made from synthetic fibres, and while I heard people avoid using these brushes because they are not natural, I refuse to use anything that was animal-made. When it comes to cleansing products, most commonly opt for Cosmedix Purity Deep Cleansing kit that contains the most essential products I need to keep my skin fresh and healthy. I also started making my own body scrubs from coffee and coconut oil, and face masks from eggs and olive oil; and I have to say that I’m much more satisfied with the results.

What are the alternatives?

As I mentioned with makeup brushes, it is not always black and white, and sometimes you will have to pause and think about your priorities before you make a decision. Vegan makeup means that there are no animal products inside, which also implies that no animals were harmed while it was made, but it also means that there are usually synthetic ingredients used as an alternative. On the other hand, organic makeup means that everything inside is natural, but it also includes things like beeswax or honey, which some of people who are vegan would not like. In the end, you will have to read the label carefully and make a decision.

Where you can find the right cosmetics?

The key is to be informed and know what you are looking for: is mineral-based makeup right for you or are you interested in organic makeup more? Is vegan makeup too much or the right choice for you? It will eventually be your decision, but it is always good to know that famous brands such as Lush cosmetics, Nyx, and Urban Decay are among the best cruelty-free brands on the market, especially since I personally love their products and I’m satisfied with the results.
I know that this seems irrelevant to many, but to me it represents just one of the small but effective ways to change the world by doing what is right. There is more than enough cruelty present everywhere, and I for my part choose to use cruelty-free cosmetics that not only make me look good on the outside, but it also makes me feel good on the inside too.

Hope you all enjoyed it and thank you Zatra for this post :) 

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  1. This was so informative! I definitely need to be more aware and actively look for cruelty free items (:


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