USA vs UK ~ Beauty Swap with Dorotka

Hi Loves!

I am so excited for this post. I love makeup swaps and trying new products form other countries. My friend, who lives in UK and I did a makeup swap.Basically I send her makeup products that she could not get in UK and she send me makeup  products that I could not get in USA.  
Dorota and I  meet each others on IG :) I love IG you can really meet a lot f nice people :) So we were talking a lot and decided to do a swap :) she really wanted to try colourpop :) And on top of that Dorota ordered few things, that I send her over in same box :) why pay double for shipping right? I am so excited to see her post. Dorota I hope you will like all the goodies I send :)
 I also want to say HI to all of you who comes from Dorota's post :)

Here are all social networks of Dorota's please go and follow her :)
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I am o happy that she got me all I wanted :)  I got some MUA (which we don't have in USA) , some MUR (We only have some) and MAX Factor ( which I been dying to have!).

So here is an overview of makeup I got form Dorotka :)

First we have MUA Undress Our Skin~  Highlighters :) So happy to finally have them. I follow some UK bloggers on my IG and sometimes I see on their flat-lays those highlighters. They are fab! And can't wait to start using them!

Top ~ Opalescent Amber, Middle ~ Pink SHimmer and Bottom ~ Iridescent Gold.
Pretty right?

Next we have more MUA :) Two liquid lipsticks, Power Pout Glaze and Pixel Perfect Muli Bronze.

This Pixel Perfect Multi Bronze  is actually a blush and it is so pretty! I have my in shade Peach Blossom.   I did post swatch on my Snap when I received it. Sorry I forgot to save... same goes to lipsticks .. Ughhh...

Now Lipsticks :) Dorota got me two MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers in Unity (pale lilac) and TranQuility (peachy nude). Plus Power Pout Glaze in shade Spellbound (gorgeous red).

Then we have MAX FACTOR Blushes! OMG you guys I been dying to get my hands on them! I asked my mom to get them for me and she refused! Yes ! she said I have enough of blushes and I don't need more. Well excuse me, but I do :) So Dorata Thanks SO Much! FOr getting them for me! I have to have them all :)

I am so in love the the gold packaging and the bushes them self! they are really good!

 Top ~ Nude Mauve , Middle ~ Seductive Pink and Bottom ~ Gorgeous Berries

Really! I freaking love them :)

Moving on Monica! Stop with the blushes already ...
Next we have one more Lipstick. This time is by Makeup Revolution and it is in shade You're a Star . Pretty nude. I love nudes :) Sorry again no swatch of it ... darn it..

And now I finally got the famous chocolate palette by MUR. I been wanting them for such a long time. We recently got a MUR in USA, but we don;t have all ... patiently waiting for rest of it to arrive ... So anyways Dorota got me :
Death By Chocolate
Naked Chocolate
I Heart Chocolate Pink Fizz

Death By Chocolate

Naked Chocolate

I Heart Chocolate Pink Fizz

As you can see the palettes are so damn gorgeous! Cant wait to dig into them!

Dorota also send me a skin care! Woohoo! It is by the brand Sylveco and it is a face exfoliator. I didn't use it yet but once I will I definitely will let you guys know how I like it.

Ok I got one more thing But I forgot to take a picture of it ...
It was a brow pomade by Freedom Makeup in a shade blonde.
You can follow me on my IG and there I will post it more of it for sure :)

So one more time thank you Dorota! I really love all the new goodies :) I can't wait for another swap :)

Now if you want to see what I send to Dorota , check her blog :)
Click here for her post :)

A small preview :)


  1. Paletki do makijażu świetnie sie prezentują <3

  2. Bardzo fajny pomysł z tą wymianą :D Podoba mi się ten róż Pixie, który dostałaś :D

  3. Those Mula highlighters! OH MYYY I NEED THEM NOW *-* so so beautiful! Better then high end makeup brands at least from what I can see on photo! xx

  4. Ile świetnych produktów!
    Peeling Sylveco miałam był genialny!

  5. Twoje kolekcje kosmetyków zawsze mnie zadziwiają :) zazdroszczę :D

  6. I'd love to do one of these! Want some colourpop from the US! Xx


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