All day curls with Madam CJ Walker and White Sands

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Hello there!

Yes another post on hair care. Are you bored already? No then keep on reading and find out how I keep my hair curly all day. 
Summer is ending and I will go back to my usual hair style , which is straight hair. Summer time i rarely use hot tools that is why most of the time my hair is wavy/curly. I like to air dry. 
But well my curls don't last too long. by the end of the day you can see how  dull they look. 
I found solution in two products I been recently send. 
Madam CJ Walker Defining Butter Creme and White Sands Infinity Finishing Spray.

Madam CJ Walker Defining Butter creme is created for more curlier hair then my, but somehow it did worked well. Rich formula absorbs quickly and seals in moisture. Jamaican Castor oil moisturize and revitalizes hair and scalp. Murumuru oil makes hair manageable and soft. I actually like my hair after. They felt soft and curls were fine. plus it kept my hair frizz free (big thumbs up for that). I used it on damp hair and then  like I mention before I let it air dry. I was happy with the look of the curls :) Overall Madam CJ walker products are great for when I need my hair curly. If you have a really curly/coily hair try this! you will be happy with the results and the look of your hair. Plus it smells good! It have a notes of amber and musk and I been loving it.

To keep my curls curly all day I went over with White Sands Infinity Finishing  Spray.  what i like about it is that is not sticky like all other sprays. Don't you just hate that? this spray is truly awesome . im not a big on spray, coz I find them leaving my hair plastic looking and you know they are really sticky! I hate hate hate when my hair feels like that. I didn't notice anything like that with white Sands Infinity spray. it hold my curls in place the whole day, it did control the frizz and it did make my hair looking shiny. Gives firm hold but I can still run my fingers or brush run thru my hair.Hands down the best hair spray out there! Thanks White Sands for sending it to me and making me addicted ! Plus it does have a nice scent to it :) 
I am definitely adding hair spray to my hair routine. 

Products can be find here;
Madam CJ Walker -> Sephora (stores and online) price $26
White Sands Spray -> online , price $22


  1. Thanks a lot, my dear :D I have this dream too :D

    I didn't know this products and this brand but I'm super interesting and I would like to try :D
    Great review :D

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  2. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


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