Makeup Revolution The One Sticks ~ Blush, Highlight, Contour

Ah Makeup Revolution you simply amaze me with all your products. 
I recently got my hands on The One sticks. I have 4 but I am pretty sure there is more. 
The sticks come in a black plastic stick that is either matte or glossy they reflect a finish product hidden inside. The packaging kinda reminds me of  NARS Multiples but these ones are way cheaper :)
Sucks that I can't compare  them , sadly I don't own any NARS sticks. 

I have two matte The One Blush Sticks, The One Highlight Stick and The One Sculpt Stick.

The One Blush stick Matte Rush ~ bright, matte coral shade. This is such a beautiful Summer shade. I guess any coral shade is prefect for summer. matte Rush looks gorgeous on the lips and on the cheeks. It is intensely pigmented and gives amazing color payoff. I am personally not a big fun of corals but this one if applies light handed and blended looks beautiful. So before summer ends I better get more use out of it.

The one Blush Stick Matte Malibu ~ orangy brown shade, almost terracotta. as much as I love this color it is not for me. I tried to contour with it but it was too warm and too orangy on me. I bet it would look great on darker skin gals. Again the color pay off on this one is amazing. I still am trying to get use out of it. I do apply it lightly and blend with blending sponge. Some say that this a dupe for NARS Laguna, the only think is that this pulls more to orange side then Laguna that pulls more to brown side. 

The One Highlight Contour Stick ~ this is such a pretty highlight shade. As you know me I love highlighters! I more of a powder fan but hey I can still make a cream work too!. This one is beige based with enough shimmer to add glow to my complexion. It does feel a little slippery whenever your swatch it on the face or hand. I like it coz it is easy to blend plus I add a powder highlight on top of as well. The glow then is insane. It does contain tiny shimmers that I love! ;) There is many ways to apply this little guy. I used my fingers and I alies straight form the stick and then blended. Both ways worked fine for me. 

The One Sculpt Contour Stick ~ This is definitely my kind of contour shade coz it is on a cooler side. I don't apply too much , just a tiny bit and then blend (stippling brush or BB). I like how it look on my fair skin tone. Again pigmentation is awesome so if you a light skin you need just tiny bit. Don't over do it ! I like it more then Matte Malibu. 

Overall i am really impressed with The One sticks. They are creamy, they blend nice, color payoff is amazing. They retail for $9 on MUR USA website and ULTA.

starting from top: Sculp stick, Malibu Stick, Rush stick and highlight. 


  1. Perfect shadow review... Have a good day ❤

  2. Perfect shadow review... Have a good day ❤

  3. Bardzo ciekawe produkty, szczególnie bronzer mi się spodobał :)
    Kochana mogłabyś poklikać u mnie w najnowszym poście o TU ? Byłabym wdzięczna :)

  4. For $9 that is not bad at all! I will check them out the next time I'm at ULTA. Thanks for the swatches! Xo


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