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Hi  Loves, 

I'm not gonna hide that I love MAC lippies. Ok I love their Limited Collection , which I don't quite use, coz you know they are Limited. How crazy right?
I bought my very first Mac lipstick when Alluring Aquatic collection launched and that was about hmmm 3 years ago ? I am not quite sure. Too be honest I was not really happy with the color but the tube on the other hand was breathtaking. After that I tried to buy at least one lipstick in every LE. I can tell you my second and third lippie I bought but as for others I don't remember.
Second was Oblivion form MAC ROcky Horror Picture Show. This is by far my favorite lipstick ever! The most gorgeous red I own. My third was yet another red, this time from Holiday collection and I got it n shade Sparks of ROmance. There was one more red form that Xmas collection I wanted but unfortunately it was sold out.

I will try to show them in order I bought them. I might however not remember exactly hahaha!

Lets start with MAC Lipstick collection,

1. MAC Pet me Please (LE Alluring Aquatic Collection) ~ Light peachy beige, frost. I really don't like the color, but I really wanted something from this collection. I am still trying to hunt down three lipsticks from this LE collection but the prices are out of the world!

2. MAC Oblivion (LE Rocky Horror Picture Show)~ vivid bluish-red, amplified finish. By far my favorite red I own.

3. MAC Sparks of Romance (LE Christmas Heirloom Collection) ~ describe as a true red. medium-dark bright red with cool undertones and barely there gold shimmer. Overall this is a matte formula. MaC Salon Rouge is another one I really want to get my hands on.

4. MAC Oxblood (LE Toledo Collection) ~ light peachy nude, matte finish. I remember this lipstick sold out super fast! I was happy that I could get it. The rest in collection were all reds.

5. MAC Burmese Kiss (LE Bao Bao Wan Collection) ~ bright coral pink with matte finish. I bought it just coz of the name. My hubby is Burmese :) There was a nice purple one in the collection as well, hoping to get my hands on it one day.

6. MAC Free As A Butterfly (LE Cinderella Collection) ~ light golden beige with frosted seen. Lustre formula. Oh men! you guys that collection was sold out within 10min. I had my $$$ prepared coz I wanted almost all! and I ended up getting only one :( till now I am stalking up my local CCO hoping they will get it one day.

7. MAC Petite Red (LE Julia Petit Collection) ~ strawberry cream red with satin finsih. It have blue undertones. This was not the lipstick I wanted form this collection. It was the only one left :(

8. MAC Creme D Nude  (LE Wash and Dry Collection) ~ muted light peachy beige with cremesheen finish. I think it is available in permanted line. I just wanted that cute special packaging.

9. MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus ~ bright fuschia pink, amplified finish. I bought this one off a friend. She sold it to me with a matching lip glass for only $16

10. MAC Please Me (LE Christmas Magic Of the Night Collection) ~  light medium creamy pink. Matte finish. more here.

11. MAC All I Want (LE Mariah Carey) ~ Champagne shimmer. You can read more here.

12. MAC Von Teese (LE Dita Von Teese) ~ vivid tomato red, matte finish. I almost missed out, thank god for good friends! Dora one more time thank you!

13. MAC Dangerously Red (LE Zac Posen Collection) ~ bold, bright fuchsia red with blue undertones. this was my birthday gift from my BFF Snow :)

14. MAC Full Fuchsia ~ bright fuchsia pink, amplified finish.

15. MAC Diva Antics ~dark berry red, amplified finish.

*The first orange in the pic above was for my mom. The name is My Inner Famme.

16. MAC TATS (LE Giambattista Vali) ~ bright hot pink, matte finish. This I bought off a friend on IG. So happy to own atleast one form that collection. Still hunting down Bianca B.

17. MAC Doo-Wop (LE Brooke Candy Collection) ~ bright fuchsia pink, with cool undertones.more about Brooke collection and what i got here. Matte finish.

18. MAC Witching Hour (LE brooke Candy collection) ~ deep, rich purple. Matte finish.

19. MAC Mind Control (LE Brooke Candy Collection) ~ bright, cherry red with cool undertones. amplified finish. This one I manage to get at MAC Sample Sale :) for only $7!

20.  MAC DDDevilish (LE Chris Chang, Poesia collection) ~ pastel hot pink, matte finish.

21. MAC Hot Chocolate (LE Vibe Tribe Collection) ~ muted dark, rosy-plum. more about it here.  Satin finish.

22. MAC Arrowhead (LE Vibe Tribe Collection) ~ light pinky-beige. Matte finish.

23. MAC Only You (LE Ellie Goulding Collection) ~muted rosy pink. Cremesheen finish. This one and other Ellie lipstick I bough on Mac sale. I paid around $12 for each.

24. MAC Without your love (LE Ellie Goulding Collection) ~ warm seashell pink, cremesheen finish.

 Now all these that I am about to mention I got form Sample Sale. I don't know if they are in permanent line or not.

25. MAC Silly ~ bright pink cream. Matte finish.

26. MAC Long Legged & Fabulous ~  soft baby pink. CremeSheen.

27. MAC A Sprinkle Of Magic (LE Faerie Whisper Collection)~ medium pink coral with golden shimmer. Frost finish.

28. MAC Nice To Meet You ~ deep pink red. Cremesheen finish.

29. MAC Flocking Fabulous ~ bright , medium pink coral. Cremesheen finish.

each of the lipsticks I got on Sample Sale cost me only $7! what a steal!

now my newest addition to my small MAC family :

30. MAC Midnight Troll (LE Good Luck Trolls Collection) ~  medium dark navy blue, with cool undertones. I am in love with this shade! and that was the only one I wanted from this collection :) It is a matte finish.

My friend over at Vanity Flair Customs makes amazing brush holders and her new design is MAC inspired. Check it out . You can get yours here.
In my I keep some of my Mac Lippies.

Mix from my IG.


  1. Super kolekcja. Na żywo opakowania Brooke Candy są oszałamiająco piękne, ja posiadam z tej kolekcji Whirl. Podobają mi się do tej pory szminki w opakowaniach "zmoczonych wodą" świetnie to wygląda.

    1. ja kupie whirl w reg opakowaniu . ale tak brooke kolekcja wspaniale opakowanie jedno z najlepszych zdecydowanie

  2. To prawda,niezła kolekcja,wspaniale się prezentuje:-)

  3. I'm so glad I've found this blog! It's perfect!


  4. Zazdroszczę wszystkich Macowych perełek :D

    1. :) kocham moje maczki chociaz ich wogle nie uzywam :(

  5. OMG You've got a so many MAC lipstick! I want them all :D

    1. thanks! love my little Mac collection :)

  6. stawiałabym i kupowała jeśli już nr 6 najbardziej mnie uwiódł:)

  7. Jakie wspaniałe kolory! Nie wiedziałabym na który się zdecydować! :)

  8. jej -.- wspaniała kolekcja, zazdroszczę bardzo bardzo :)

  9. Osobiście z całego serca nie lubię MAC i nigdy nie kupię ich produktów, ponieważ testują na zwierzętach. :(


    1. wiem niestety :( mam nadzieje ze to zmienia :)

  10. Wow! You have quite the collection Monica! Thanks for taking the time to do a collection rundown! I know how much time this takes so I appreciate it so much! Xo

  11. I only own one MAC lipstick haha! It's the velvet teddy one and I love it so much. I wish that I had your collection. It looks like any makeup fan's dream :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

    1. I dont even own that one :) all LE stuff LOL Need to get some of the permanent ones

  12. Nigdy nie miałam okazji wypróbowania kosmetyków MAC. Ubolewałam nad tym faktem do teraz, nie wiedziałam, że testują kosmetyki na zwierzętach :( dostali u mnie ogromnego minusa za to! Śliczne zdjęcia :)

  13. Nigdy nie miałam okazji wypróbowania kosmetyków MAC. Ubolewałam nad tym faktem do teraz, nie wiedziałam, że testują kosmetyki na zwierzętach :( dostali u mnie ogromnego minusa za to! Śliczne zdjęcia :)

  14. Nigdy nie miałam kosmetyków z Mac. Ubolewałam nad tym faktem do teraz, nie wiedziałam że testują kosmetyki na zwierzętach :( ! Dostali u mnie za to ogromnego minusa! Zdjęcia śliczne :)


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