Summer to Fall Perfume Transitions ~ Viva La Juicy and Poison Girl

As you already know I love perfumes. What can I say I like to smell good, who doesn't? 
In this post I want to talk about my two new perfumes. Well not so new but still new.  One that I been using in a summer a quite a lot and one I been saving for Fall, but I was still using in the summer haha. 

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture have been on my wishlist forever. Ever since my friend gifted me a tiny rollerball one for Christmas years ago I always wanted a full size of it. These perfumes are so me! girly and sexy at the same time. What caught my eye? The most gorgeous bottle! You know, that crystal cap with fuchsia pink bow and a chain with Juicy logo. Ummm Yes it is perfect and it looks stunning on a dressing table, Aside from the bottle the fragrance is to die for!

 Feminine sweet fruity floral. At first spritz you get hit by fruity scent that dries down to sweet flowery-vanilla. The scent is not overpowering or annoying. It didn't give me headache. I got a lot of compliments and people were asking m what kinda perfume is that .. well Juicy of course!  The fruity floral composition makes this perfume perfect for summer days and nights :) I am a fan! and now I will be looking into more perfumes by the brand :) and Thanks God FragranceNet.Com they are always on sale :) I think I found my signature scent :) 

TOP : wild berries, mandarin
Heart: Jasmine, Gardenia, Honeysuckle
Base: Vanilla, Amber, Caramel, Praline, Sandalwood.

Get it from 
Price: $39.74

Long hot summer days coming to the end and we will welcome shorter and more cooler days. and with this most of women will change their perfume game. They will look for perfumes that contains amber,spices etc notes. I on the other hand found my summer to fall perfume and I think it fits perfect. The newest addition to famous Dior's Poison family ~ Poison GIrl. Fragrance launched in January 2016 and it is intended for younger lovers of this iconic brand. I personally don't call myself a lover of the brand. I own the original Poison, which I use on occasion. Other then that I didn't have a chance to look into other Poison perfumes. I heard of Poison Girl from my mom! yes! She got herself one and she love it! and she been talking a lot of it so I decided to finally give a shot and get new Poison. And guess what? I love it. They said it was intended for younger gals but to be honest anyone can pull it off.

Comes in a classic poison bottle and this one is pink :) the composition contains: sicilian bitter orange, that lead to heart of roses ( which contain May Rose and Damascena Rose). The drydown is Venezuelan tonka beans, sandalwood form Sri Lanka, almond and vanilla.  Pure oriental sweetness.
I actually love Vanilla scents for fall and winter. Also I have to say that this perfume reminds me very much of YSL Black Opium. So for sure will be my favorite coz let me be honest Black Opium is my fave!
Yu can get them off
Price: $104.39

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