Angel Shave Box ~ Shaving subscription for Ladies

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I like subscription boxes, how about you? Now let me tell you of this awesome box I recently discovered. Where you ask? Instagram of course. Instagram is amazing platform to discover new brands and meet amazing people.

Angel Shave Club is one of the brands. They are a subscription box for ladies razors. They are the first online boutique subscription shave club design for women. They razors they offer a high quality. When you sign up you get to choose:
* razor color (pink or blueish-grey)
* Blades option (3 or 6 blades in box of 8)

The box I got its cute and pink ;) I'm such a girly girl so everytime I see pink I get so excited. My box contained:
* two razors
* box of 8 blades
* Shave souffle
Not bad huh?

The razor is amazing. Just be very careful blades are really sharp. Me being clumsy and all I cut myself really bad and till now I have a small scar.But yeah I have to be careful with that. The razor itself is really comfortable. Gives a close shave, Goes on smooth, easy and fast.
Now I did get the razor bumps almost everytime I shave, too be honest I don't know if it have to do with a razor or the shaving gel. I run out of my favorite Completely Bare Gel so I found CVS brand shave gel in my cabinet. I did try the souffle as well. It is really hard in consistency but once you rub it in , it will foams up. Its not bad I did like it.It does smells sgood tho.

Overall I am pleased with this box I think it better then any drugstore razors and affordable as well.
As I mention before you can choose from :
* Little Lady comes with 3 blades razor
* The Angel comes with 6 blade razor ( This is the one I have)
Each comes with a handle (color you choose) and box of 8 blades to refill, all for just $9 a month.
You pay for two months in advance and you select how often you want the box to be ship to you.
FYI shipping is free!

Check Angel Shave Club here and sign up today. 

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  1. No, takiego boxa to jeszcze w PL nie mamy... a ciekawy, nie powiem! :)))))


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