Crystal Pepsi...ummmm say what?

Did you know over 23 yrs ago there was Crystal Pepsi? Heck I didn't. I only found out recently when it made its comeback. Its like 90s all over again. Did you notice how many things popular in 90s making its comeback? Ummm Pokemons, Full House, brown lips and grunge makeup. Hello 90s oh how much I missed ya!
So yeah Crystal Pepsi... Telling you it is so weird to see a white , no sorry crystal liquid in Pepsi bottle. I used to be a big soda drinker, now I want to slow it down coz lets be honest it is not good for you! The only soda I am allow right now is Ginger Ale. :) But I am trying to quit it.
Now what made me wanna buy Crystal Pepsi? I guess I just wanted to see how it tastes :) It supposed to taste like regular Pepsi. Did it ? Kinda but I prefer regular Pepsi. It taste a bit sweeter than Pepsi and I don't now how or from where i got a cinnamon taste. LIKE WTF Monica!?! . I dunno I'm not good at describing how it taste LOL You need to Try it yourself :)
I actually might get another one soon too see if there was that damn cinnamon. where the hell did i came up with that anyways, did I eat anything with cinnamon lol dont remember .  wanna read more check here.


  1. the first time I see such a pepsi - i invite <3 follow me-will respond with

  2. Nieźle to wygląda, biała pepsi :D Faktycznie lata 90te nadal rządzą :)

  3. Ciekawe, bo dzięki Tobie pierwszy raz zobaczyłam taką pepsi. Nigdy nie wiedziałam, że taka istnieje i że istniała.
    Czy ona jest dostępna tylko w USA, czy masz jakieś info, gdzie jeszcze można ją kupić, bo jestem ciekawa jej smaku :D

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